Strange! Woman Quits Job To Breastfeed 36-Year-Old Boyfriend Full-Time


A 35-year-old woman, Jennifer Mulford, quit her job as a bar tender to breastfeed her bodybuilder boyfriend, Brad Leeson, 36, full-time. Jennifer, who last breastfed twenty-years-ago, shared her story and many breastfeeding mothers deemed it offensive claiming she’s sexualizing breastfeeding, while some have opined her story on Adult Breastfeeding, ABR, to be a joke.

Because she has not recently given birth to a baby, she and Brad, 36, need to ‘dry feed’, every two hours to fool her body into thinking she is feeding a child so she starts producing milk. Speaking to The Sun she said:

“When I read about the bond breastfeeding could create between two people I was envious. I have always enjoyed my breasts being touched during sex more than anything else so I knew I would enjoy it”.

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adult baby Adult Breastfeeding
Adult Breastfeeding

Miss Jenifer was single when she came across a website on Adult Breastfeeding and began a search for men who would be open to the idea of adult breastfeeding. After many online efforts failed, Jenifer eventually decided to share the idea with Brad Leeson, a bodybuilder and her childhood sweetheart and he instantly bought the idea. The Atlanta native said:

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“It was like a light switched flicked in his head. I could tell from his voice that he was curious and excited. He started doing his own research into ABR and they soon became more than just friends. At that moment I knew that I had a partner for life.

“We both wanted the same thing out of the relationship – a magical bond that only breastfeeding an achieve. I’ve taken a break from my job because I want to devote everything to making this work”.

On days when Brad is out, Jennifer said she uses a pump or her hand so her body thinks someone is feeding. They even set an alarm so they can “feed” during the night. “Nights have been a struggle because Brad sleeps so peacefully but we manage to cope – until he falls asleep latched onto me, which is beautiful”, she admitted.

As much as Brad wants to be breastfed in public, Jenifer who breastfed her own daughter, now 20, for eight months, prefers it in private. She disclosed: “I’ll never say never but I love the time we spend nursing alone. It’s our time away from the rest of the world and I look forward to every feed”.

Talking about their challenges so far, she explained that nursing was going well, adding that:

“After three days my breasts were starting to feel sore, but I am willing to push through any pain for our end goal. It’s been difficult to distinguish the difference between nurturing and sex.

“Although it’s so beautiful and peaceful it’s also erotic. It’s been hard to get through the first few nursing sessions without being tempted to have sex, but each time it’s getting easier. This is a lifestyle we have chosen. We look forward to years from now still needing and wanting each other.

“I can come home from a very stressful day and seconds after Brad latching on I feel a sense of peace and calm. For that time I feel like we become one. I have yet to feel anything more comforting.

“It’s a bond that no one can come between”.

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To induce lactation, Jennifer drinks Mother’s Milk Tea – a herbal drink which is said to imitate female hormones and increase or maintain milk supply – three times a day. She is also taking a herbal pill, Lactiful, and has added oatmeal and flax seeds to her diet which is said to help milk supply. Brad is ‘excited’ about the health benefits as he is a ‘gym buff’.

The couple hopes to get married in the near future, but they have ruled out having any children together as they both have children from previous relationships.