Shop Owned By Pastor Adeboye’s Son Where A Pair Of Shoe Is Sold For N1.9m Discovered


A Nigerian journalist, Simon Ateba, who lives in Washington, alleges that the wife of Pastor Adeboye’s son owns a shop where shoes are sold for $4000. (N1.9 million).

He posted a link to the write-up on his Facebook page with the caption:

“Pastor Adeboye is humble. His wife does not wear gold. But his son sells shoes at this shop on Opebi road for $4000 each. Who is deceiving who? Forget these gods of men are the same. Go to 3 Wise men on Opebi. Ask to buy a shoe. The Duchess on top belongs to the son’s wife”.

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Continuing with his attempt at indirectly maligning Pastor Adeboye, Ateba wrote on his online media site:

“Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the general overseer worldwide of one of Nigeria’s biggest churches, is seen as a humble man. He kneels down. He raises his hands to God. He prays. He dresses modestly. He lays hands on the sick. He reads portions of the bible that describe humility and his wife does not wear gold or any flamboyant item. He lives the life of Jesus Christ.

“He’s been the head of the Redeemed Christian Church of God for 36 years since the founder died in 1981. He has expanded the church to many countries and continents, including to Europe and the United States.

“What has stood him out among other Nigerian pastors seen as flamboyant is his lifestyle. He is humble, many say.

“But he might not have trained his sons to follow his footsteps. A luxury shop for millionaires located on Opebi area of Lagos and called ‘3 Wise Men’ is owned by one his sons. There, some shoes go for $4000 each in a country where most people wallow in squalor and hopelessness.

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“These shoes can only be purchased by the very rich in the society, not the worshipers who storm his father’s church every Sunday for prayers, worship and miracles.”

Surprisingly, a great percentage of commentators have blasted Simon Ateba saying it is out-rightly wrong for him to try to drag the man of God to the mud for no just cause.