Outrageous! Yoruba Man Threatens To Kill Igbos Including His Wife From Imo State


A Yoruba man, Adebiyi Olatunji, decided to advertise his strong hatred for the Igbo race on the social media platform, Facebook, daring all Igbos in Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna and Ibadan to do their worst as he and ‘members of his team’ are out to kill them (the Igbos).

He added that he will begin the killing spree from his wife who is an indigene of Imo State. According to his Facebook page, Adebiyi Olatunji is from Iwo, Osun State, Lives in Lagos, works with Mediterranean shipping company and is a Muslim.

After making the outrageous comment, he started trending with his profile picture and the screen-grab of the shocking comment he made. He deleted all his pictures from his Facebook account and then later deleted his account off Facebook.

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Igbo Hater
Adebiyi Olatunji, The Igbo Hater!

Adebiyi Olatunji’s unguarded comment has raised a lot of reactions from Facebook users, dividing the house into different support groups. While some people’s support tilts to Adebiyi’s side, many more others are attacking him for the rash comment . See some reactions below:

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Kunle Falade: A lot of people are capitalising on their access to social media to mislead. Then is it everything that we read as news that are true? If anyone for that matter truely made that statement we should know immediately that he needs help. All these hatred that I see here are only comming from little minds. My medical doctor niece married an Igbo, one of my cousins is married to a lady from PH, the other one married a lady from Benue and my younger sister married from Akwa Ibom. Most of my clients are from the SE and we have been together close to 20 yrs. There little minds should go and sit down.

Chima Uzo: We are waiting oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! Please what is holding the killing ooooooooooooooooooo! Start to kill all the Igbo’s ooooooo ! We are still waiting!

Damimola Ajayi: Am Yoruba, proudly married to an Igbo lady frm Aboh Mbaise, same Imo state, and l luv her so so dearly. I tink u are on drugs. Touch my Igbo wife nd see wat dis fellow Yoruba man wll do 2 u.

Chimaobi Oscarlsx: Ndi ofe nmanu. una mind no reach instead she will kill u bfor you attempt to’ I trust my Imolite…stupid Yoruba????????

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At this time when the unity of Nigeria is seriously threatened, it is quite surprising that some educated citizens of this country do not know how to make their points without offending the sensibilities of others.

The social media is an open market where anyone can sell his/her opinion but I believe there are some tribalistic comments which must never be made on the platform no matter how strongly one feels about a particular group of people. That’s maturity!