Additional 5,000 Ghost Workers Uncovered In The Civil Service


According to the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, additional 5,000 ghost workers have been uncovered in the on-going daily audit of workers in the Federal Civil Service. Prof. Osinbajo, disclosed this while speaking at a church programme in Ogere, Ogun State.

He said this was asides 37,395  ghost workers earlier uncovered following the full implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy by the Federal Government.

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Thus, this latest discovery has brought the number of ghost workers uncovered to 43,395 under the Single Treasury Account (TSA).

According to Mr Vice President, the government has introduced major fiscal measures to save our nation’s hard earned income.

“Government is daily weeding out public sector ghost workers;  over 40,000 so far. Before now, salaries collected by ghost workers on a monthly basis ran into billions of naira that could have been profitably used for the public. We have cut down and are still cutting down on frivolous expenditures.”

29 ghost workers

Osinbajo said he and the president shared the people’s pain and promised that there would be “full restoration soon”.

The Vice President also explained that the government has returned to sustainable economic development with a focus on agriculture, adding that the initiative would address youth unemployment. He said:

“We are gradually diversifying the economy by exploring alternative revenue options, particularly in the solid and natural mineral sector. Recently, we untied the legal knot that had kept a major economic sector comatose for years. As a result we should see results from the resuscitation of the Nigeria Iron Mining Company, Itakpe, and the Ajaokuta Steel , Kogi.” 

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It would be recalled that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had in April disclosed that the Federal Government had uncovered 37,395 ghost workers on the Federal Civil Service payroll and that the government lost about N1 billion to them.