Abortion: Survivors Share Heartbreaking Testimonies Of Amazing Grace


It’s an unbelievable but true story of abortion survivors – teenagers, children who beat the odds to survive in or outside their mother’s wombs despite efforts to stifle life out of them through abortion.

These abortion survivors have grown to become activists who encourage youths to make the right choices and to understand that babies are not just fetus but human beings. One of them, Gianna Jessen who became a prominent activist in the US had survived a saline abortion but survived through medical care.

Here are their (abortion survivors) inspiring testimonies.

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Gianna Jessen

Jessen’s mother was a 17-year-old girl who was not ready to have a child and decided to have a saline abortion in the third trimester. She remained in the saline for 18 hours but did not stop fighting for her dear life.

One of the abortion survivors – Gianna Jessen

“My name is Gianna Jessen… I was aborted, and I did not die. My biological mother was 7 months pregnant when she went to Planned Parenthood in southern California, and they advised her to have a late-term saline abortion.

“A saline abortion is a solution of salt saline that is injected into the mother’s womb. The baby then gulps the solution. It burns the baby inside and out, and then the mother is to deliver a dead baby within 24 hours.

“This happened to me! I remained in the solution for approximately 18 hours and was delivered ALIVE… in a California abortion clinic. There were young women in the room who had already been given their injections and were waiting to deliver dead babies. When they saw me the abortionist was not yet on duty and had me transferred to the hospital.

“I should be blind, burned… I should be dead! And yet, I live! Due to a lack of oxygen supply during the abortion, I live with cerebral palsy.

“When I was diagnosed with this, all I could do was lie there. They said that was all I would ever do! Through prayer and hard work by my foster mother, I was walking at age 3 ½ with the help of a walker and leg braces. At that time I was also adopted into a wonderful family. Today I am left only with a slight limp. I no longer have need of a walker or leg braces.

…Death did not prevail over me… and I am so thankful!”

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Sarah Smith

Another one of the abortion survivors, Sarah described her mother’s decision as her death sentence, she is the survivor of twin abortion as she remained the twin that was saved while her twin brother was removed through induced abortion.

“My mother’s choice was my death sentence. My mother, Betty, had an abortion… A few weeks after that she was sitting at home reading when the book on her stomach began to bounce up and down. That’s when she knew she was still pregnant… with ME!

“I’m so sorry, Betty,” the doctor told her when she went back to him, “You were carrying twins.”

“Although a second abortion was suggested, my mother refused and instead brought me to term. I was born with bilateral congenital dislocated hips, a condition for which I’ve had dozens of operations. It hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my medical studies, though, or from speaking out whenever I can for the right to life.

“I have forgiven my parents for trying to abort me, and I forgive the abortionist who killed my twin brother and who almost killed me. I often think of my brother, Andrew James, whom nobody can replace.

“I believe that the way of truth, love, and God’s grace is the only way to deal with the abortion tragedy. I would like to call all people to stand with me to defend the right to life of all persons. There are many alternatives to abortion. Nobody needs to sacrifice her child, no matter what anyone says.”

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Audrey who lived through the ordeal said her mother was a 39-year old already with grown up children when she discovered she was pregnant again.

“One day when I was in third grade, my mum and dad asked me to sit down for a talk. They began by saying that since I was very little, my parents always found me sleeping curled tightly in the fetal position, buried under the covers and always to one side of the bed.

“I had a recurring nightmare of being trapped in a room with a window blocked by a knife, and they said they often found me talking to my ‘other self’. My mum said she thought these were signs telling her to confess something she had done and hoped I would forgive her.”

Audrey had been a hiding twin and survived the abortion attempt.

“She started to cry and told me never to believe them when they tell you it is not a baby, but just a blob of tissue. Tracing a tiny outline in the palm of her hand, she said; ‘he was this big and a fully formed baby’. She could hardly continue. ‘He was a perfect little baby boy’. She cried to heaven on that cold bathroom floor and asked God to forgive her and promised Him if she were ever to become pregnant again, she would NEVER abort a baby. She flushed her little son down the toilet and said she lay on the cold floor crying until she was numb.

“Later, she still felt pregnant. The doctor said that I was probably a tumor or an ulcer. And the first part of September, I kicked her! The doctor was amazed that I had been a hiding twin and survived the abortion attempt. She told no one of her pregnancy except my dad, and later, my youngest brother, 19-year-old Fred, who I kicked.

“I was due January 21, 1953, however, I was induced one month early on December 19, 1952, and after 3 days of labor, I was born at the Hour of Mercy, 3:30 P.M., Sunday, December 21, 1952. She asked me to forgive her. I asked if she loved me NOW because she did not know me then. She sobbed and sobbed and said, ‘Yes. I love you with my very life’. I said, ‘Ok,’ and walking back down the hall to my room I could still hear her heartbreaking sobs.

“When my dad hurried and caught my arm, he whispered, ‘I did not do it’. And pointing to Mom, he said, ‘She did!’ And I believe the Holy Spirit said this to him through me: ‘But your love was supposed to make her feel safe to have me.’ Those words hit his heart and stopped him from coming any further. (Note: I never slept curled up or had nightmares after this day.)”

Abortion remains a crime in some many countries of the world, while in developed countries like the US, it remains a controversial women’s rights. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of abortion survivors who have risen to lend their voices to the voiceless.