Abandoned Baby: Newborn Boy Left In A Dustbin Overnight Cries Himself To Death


Increasing cases of abandoned babies in Nigeria has become so alarming that the society should not keep quiet about it any longer. It beats my imagination that a woman can go through the stress of sustaining the life of a child within her for nine months and bear the extreme pains of labour only for her to dump this precious gift in a waste-bin or a pit toilet.

Of course, there’s always a reason for such demonic actions but is there actually a good-enough-reason to take the life of another human and subject yourself to a lifetime of self-inflicted torment? If only you could understand the meaning of every tear that drops from the eyes of an abandoned baby!!

Talking about the cruelty of some ladies, a Facebook user Tukuh Blessing Faith shared a heart-breaking story of an abandoned baby found in Zik’s Avenue, Uwani Enugu state. The unfortunate baby boy was discovered in a carton thrown inside an ESWAMA dustbin shortly before he died.

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She wrote:

“Bad day for me, d worst I have ever seen in my life just hapnd dis early am. Few minutes ago, I was hearing a baby crying so bitterly but we couldn’t predict d direction d cry was coming from, not until we saw a boy picking somth from an Eswama saw a baby DAT was in a carton crying ….pple gatherd,d baby was nt cleaned up very wel.right in my presence d baby gave up.. so many questions was running tru my mind but I can hardly find ans to dem..Ahhhh! Wat a world? I wonder wat d Society is turning into, women no longer have conscience. Rip baby I don’t knw,Rip baby whose mother is no WHR to b found,Rip baby whose mother left since yestrr night, Rip baby boy whose mother is very heartless…”

The world is really a very crazy place. While some women are willing to eat cow dung just to be able to conceive and have their own children, another either aborts or delivers and kills her own child because it’s an ‘unwanted’ burden.