A Complete List of Men Juliet Ibrahim Has Dated Since Divorcing Her Husband Kwadwo Safo Jnr.

Juliet Ibrahim has experienced various love affairs since the sad ending of her marriage to Kwadwo Safo Jnr. Being a public figure makes it considerably harder to affirm the genuine status of the majority of her relationships. In any case, a great deal has occurred in her life since her first marriage sunk. Despite her failed marriage, the gorgeous actress has never stopped attracting rich, handsome, and successful celebrities. Although Juliet Ibrahim’s boyfriends are quite rich and famous, the actress is still searching for the love of her life.

Interestingly, the actress is essential for the expanding number of talented entertainers, causing a ripple effect nowadays. She stands apart as one of Africa’s generally lovely and pleasant characters. Until you are told, you would not accept that Juliet is a Ghanaian. This is because she is famous in Nollywood as she is in the Ghanaian film industry, otherwise called Ghallywood. This article gives you details of all Juliet Ibrahim’s boyfriends. Read on.

A Look At Juliet Ibrahim’s Boyfriends Since Her Divorce From Kwadwo

Going through a divorce is hard on anyone, but it is often said that sometimes, one’s heart needs to break for it to be open again. Some may go as far as shutting themselves off from the world, but the likes of Juliet Ibrahim prefer to invest all their energy into doing something more positive, hence her continuous rise to fame. In addition to building her career, Juliet has also allowed herself to fall in love again. Interestingly, the beautiful actress, popularly called African Kim Kardashian, has gotten herself romantically involved with a couple of famous men in the entertainment industry.

Juliet’s quest for love has even taken her off the shores of her home country into its neighboring countries. Recently, she revealed that she has a crush on international singer Chris Brown and had even sent him a message, although he never replied. While we look forward to a Juliet-Chris Brown relationship, let’s take a look at Juliet Ibrahim’s boyfriends so far.

IK Ogbonna

Shortly after she broke ties with her ex-husband Kwadwo, rumors that Juliet Ibrahim and Nigeria lover boy IK Ogbonna were dating began to flood the media. Although it wasn’t yet clear how deep they were with each other, fans of the actress were happy with how fast she has moved on. News about their affairs went viral in 2014, but in an interview with Delay on the Delay Show, the actress revealed that she and Ogbonna never dated. However, “something” actually happened between them.

Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna, professionally known as IK Ogbonna, is a Nollywood film and television actor, model, TV personality, and film director. His works in the entertainment industry have seen him receive several awards, including City People Entertainment Awards for Most Promising Actor in Nigeria and Africa Movie Academy Awards for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

IK is equally as famous as Juliet on various social media platforms, and it won’t come as a surprise to hear that the pair met while on set when they both were involved in a film shooting in Nigeria. Apparently, the relationship between the two showbiz stars was brief as it did not last beyond a year. The following year saw IK Ogbonna get married to Columbian model Sonia Morales, with whom he has his only child.

Iceberg Slim

While Juliet clearly debunked the rumor about her relationship with Nigerian rapper Vector, her relationship with Olusegun Olowookere, better known by his stage name Iceberg Slim, was the most noticeable of all her relationships since her divorce from her former husband.

Also, the longest-lasting relationship Juliet has found herself, the actress dated the rapper for a duration of 2 years, from 2016 to 2018. During that period, the former couple made sure our social media timelines never went to sleep as they continually shared loved-up photos of themselves on their respective social media accounts. They were often spotted spending time together in luxury spots, going on regular vacations, serving their fans couple goals.

The emerging superstar Iceberg Slim was introduced to the sounds of Sunny Ade and Shina Peters from a very young age. Today, he is popular for his collaborations with the likes of international rapper/singer Ja Rule, 2Face Idibia, Tiwa Savage, MI, Ice Prince, Sauce Kid, DaGrin, Banky W, eLDee, and Vector.

Things were rosy in their relationship, and just when Juliet felt she was no longer going to experience another heartbreak, she discovers that Iceberg Slim had been cheating and lying to her. This tore their romantic relationship leading to several unpleasant dramas on social media. Slim was quick to defend himself by claiming Juliet was toxic to him. But after a year, he returned with a public apology to the actress, admitting he cheated on her. Iceberg Slim also admitted that he failed her and claimed his reason for cheating on her was because he sought emotional comfort elsewhere.

In what appears like a mockery, the Ghanaian actress advised her ex-boyfriend to move on as she has already done. She went on to throw shades at her ex-lover, saying he only became famous through his relationship with her. However, only Iceberg Slim has had his rise to fame attached to her of all Juliet Ibrahim’s boyfriends. There are claims that since their break up, Iceberg Slim hadn’t received the kind of media attention he got when he and Juliet Ibrahim were a couple.

VJ Adams

Since Juliet Ibrahim shared a loved-up photo of herself with Nigerian entertainer VJ Adams on her Instagram page, there have been rumors of the pair dating. Some sources even claim they are married because she wore a stunning wedding gown in the said photo. However, since the emergence of the photo in 2020, both parties have remained silent about their relationship and marriage speculations, typical of most celebrity relationships.

Adams Ibrahim Adebola, famous by his alias VJ Adams, is a TV presenter, video jockey, entrepreneur, musician, and producer. He is best known for being a presenter for one of Africa’s top music channels, SoundCity TV.

Who Is Juliet Ibrahim Currently Dating?

Juliet Ibrahim is undoubtedly a popular figure in the entertainment industry. She is also one of the top celebrities in Nollywood and Ghallywood, with a massive following on various social media platforms. Considering her status, it won’t be surprising to see her mingle with men in her class. Obviously, all o Juliet Ibrahim’s boyfriends so far have attained fame in their various endeavors. Sadly, none of her relationships have lasted long.

Juliet Ibrahim is still open to relationships. Although she claimed to focus her energies on building her career, the Nigerian-based Ghanaian actress also admits that she is still searching for a man worthy enough to handle her personality. In a post on Instagram, she sought the advice of her fans on what tribe in four west African countries she should choose for a romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, Juliet also disclosed that following her ordeal with various men of high social status, she has opted to remain single until she finds herself the man created right for her. Recently, she was spotted with Nigerian billionaire businessman Sijibomi Ogundele, aka Sujimotos, the CEO and Managing Director of Sujimoto Construction. Although she is yet to reveal her relationship status with the Nigerian business mogul, there are claims the beautiful light-skinned actress may have found love again.

Why Juliet Ibrahim Left Her Marriage with Kwadwo

The path to true love isn’t always so linear. Marriage takes constant communication, commitment, and a lot of hard work, but not all relationships evolve, so they end with divorce. The love story of the Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim and Kwadwo was one of the kinds that caught people’s attention following how well the couple was known individually. However, their breakup was no less a trending topic on various social media platforms. Juliet got married to Kwadwo in 2010, and four years later, the couple divorced.

Even though it is widely assumed that her marriage crumbled because Kwadwo’s parents disapproved of her marriage to their son, Juliet claims that isn’t the situation as her ex-husband knew what he was getting into when they first met in a strip club in Ghana. Yes, she may be seen as a bad girl and unfit for a man like Kwadwo, but in Juliet’s view, their marriage crashed because they were both too young to face the responsibilities of marriage.

Juliet Ibrahim boyfriends
Juliet Ibrahim with ex-husband Kwadwo Jr.

Getting married at the age of 24, she claims she rushed into her union with Kwadwo as all she needed at that age was to have a great time and experience life as a young girl. Her ex-husband, Kwadwo Safo Jnr. is a Ghanaian from the Ashanti tribe. He is the son of Kwadwo Safo Snr., a popular cleric and founder of Kantanka, one of the best vehicle makers in Africa.

In addition to her claim of being naive of all marriage responsibilities, Juliet also blamed Kwadwo’s infidelity as another reason for her to seek an immediate end to their four years marriage. Juliet Ibrahim revealed that Kwadwo cheated on her during their marriage and impregnated the woman he was cheating with. It was an overwhelming circumstance for her as she conceded that she could not take it from any man regardless of how rich he was. She then, at that point, settled on the hard choice of dissolving the marriage. 

Expected to air out his own view in the matter and possibly clear his name, Kwadwo chose to rather keep silent on the topic. However, in a post on his social media accounts, Kwadwo emphasized that there is no requirement for them to share his side of the story, and he would invest his energy in more useful things like considering new models and how to exploit the recent dispatched car strategy by the public authority.

2014 saw the end of the Juliet-Kwadwo marriage, and Kwadwo proceeded to marry the side chick he impregnated shortly after they divorced. Regardless of all the allegations, Kwadwo and Juliet’s divorce was done amicably, and they are still friends.

Juliet Ibrahim And Kwadwo Welcomed A Son in 2010

Juliet Ibrahim’s marriage with Kwadwo produced a child, a son named Jayden Safo. The actress and her ex-husband agreed to settle down in marriage after discovering she was pregnant with his child. The baby was eventually born on 17 December 2010.

Juliet has a habit of celebrating her son’s birthday in a grand style. In addition to setting up a birthday party for her son, the actress would flood various social media platforms with notes of best wishes to him. Jayden’s father, Kwadwo, is not left out when it comes to celebrating their son. He would also pen down notes of best wishes on every of his son’s birthdays.


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