A Closer Look At Ruth Kadiri’s Marriage to Husband Ezerika

Some celebrities always manage to shock us with the ways they keep their lives private. There are longtime couples you forgot were married and some who have kids you may not remember happened in the first place. From surprise weddings to secret pregnancies and childbirth and definitely keeping off of social media. This is the story of a renowned star of Nollywood, Ruth Kadiri.

The award-winning movie star is a popular character with numerous appearances in Nollywood hits and Iroko movies such as In Your Arms (2017), Black Bride (2017), We Cheats More (2017), WET by Ruth Kadiri (2018). She is also a successful scriptwriter and film producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Regardless, unlike stars who turn their wedding into a star-spangled event, Ruth has managed to keep mum on her matrimony until recently. Here’s everything we know about the union.

The Pair Got Married In November 2018

Ruth Kadiri and her husband tied the knot in November 2018 with traditional and white wedding ceremonies conducted secretly. The actress maintained this secret afterward, keeping her marriage away from the prying eyes of the public and media. She also hid the identity of her husband including his second name. There was also no information about where the nuptials took place and no dates, details, or photos from the couple’s secret wedding have emerged. The news wasn’t even fully confirmed until she changed her name on social media to reflect her husband’s name. She was also spotted with a wedding ring. During this time, people couldn’t help but wonder what the bride wore for her big day. Thankfully, she later shared a picture of her in a traditional attire assumed to be her traditional wedding outfit without her husband anywhere in the photo.

For once in 2019, she let the cat out of the bag about him on Valentine’s Day (14th February) of that year when she shared adorable photos of herself and her husband via her Instagram handle. She twice celebrated her husband’s birthday on June 7th, 2019, and 2020 but never revealed his face. She also penned lovely words about her husband on their wedding anniversary and on Valentine’s Day 2020. She made a beautiful short note that read” being your wife is so peaceful, I love it here. Happy anniversary to us”. Indicatively, she adores and loves him but this is the much anybody can say about her marriage.

Ruth was Ready to Have a Proper Home Before Her Marriage

Before her marriage, the actress granted an interview in 2016, during which she revealed that there are certain things people don’t have control over, and finding the right partner is one of them. According to her, people don’t decide when they find the right person, so whenever they find it at whatever point in life, it’s important to be happy at that stage of course.

She further revealed her desire to have kids, and a family in the proper way. Not long, news broke out that Ruth Kadiri was pregnant for a married man, and since she didn’t want a child outside wedlock the two tied the knot secretly and have been living together. Apparently, she got to live the life she once imagined.

Her Marriage Is Working Despite Her Husband Being Almost A Mystery

Ruth Kadiri’s husband is simply known as Mr. Ezerika. Nothing is known about him except that his ethnicity is Igbo, apparently inferred from his name. There are rumors that he had been married previously so in order to maintain law and order Ruth Kadiri thought it wise to keep the relationship a secret. It was speculated that he was married to a Swedish woman, Maija Ozokina Ezerika. However, this hasn’t been verified to date. And while the couple has kept all of their marriage details under wraps, we do know that they have a happy home.

She Named Her Child Reign 

After months of staying out of the spotlight, the Love is Beautiful actress surprised fans with a major announcement on August 26th, 2019 — she’s a mom! Ruth Kadiri gave birth to her beautiful look-alike daughter named Reign Nwachinemelu Ezerika after 8-hour long labor in a Swedish hospital.

As usual, she was so secretive about the pregnancy that it was after her safe delivery that she shared photos of her baby bump. She recalled the scenario when baby Reign celebrated her 1st birthday on 26th August 2020. Ruth does not talk much about her personal life especially her husband but when it comes to her daughter she shares almost everything. In fact, baby Reign has over 43,000 followers on Instagram.

Her Past Relationships And Controversies

It is normal to see Nollywood celebrities finding themselves embroiled in scandal. But Kadiri has through her private lifestyle been able to minimize the amount of controversy coming her way. Below are some of the high-profile relationships she has been linked to prior to her marriage.

Unknown Man

In 2017, it was alleged that Ruth was dating a 29 years old supposed internet fraudster who shuttled Nigeria and London. Although there is no much information on this relationship, they were alleged to be so into each other that his family abroad were aware of this relationship with Ruth. The relationship later ended and the actress was rumored to have moved onto her colleague in the movie industry.

Stanley Ebonine

She is reported to have dated a popular Nollywood producer Stanley Ebonine. The two were an item together for almost three years, according to some accounts. During their relationship, Kadiri regularly featured in Stanley’s movies and played vital roles in some of his movie scripts.

Their relationship allegedly ended when Stanley got married to his Enugu State-born wife, Dorathy Chinasa Agu, in 2011, thus disappointing many fans who thought his relationship with the actress would lead to marriage. Considering these circumstances, the popular producer was accused of dumping the wave-making actress for another woman. Ebonine refuted these claims, insisting that they were still friends and that she was aware of their marriage. He further stated that he didn’t want to marry someone in the industry for some personal reasons. Ruth also debunked every suggestion that she was dumped and rather appreciates the immense contribution made to her life by the producer.

Apostle Suleiman

Over the years, Apostle Suleiman has been roped into a number of sexual scandals. Kadiri was mentioned among the women the controversial man of God dated, an accusation she swept under the rug. To date, there is no confirmation that such a relationship existed but it is widely believed they were once together.


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