8 Unusual Hotels You Can’t Imagine Actually Exist


These Hotels will leave you gawking in awe at the wonders of architecture. They are eccentric and inspirational – some even think they’re weird – just for adventurers at heart; people seeking an extra ordinary experience to spice up their life. Check them out!

Unusual Hotels

#1 The MirrorCube Tree House Hotel (Harads, Sweden)

Mirrorcube-Treehouse-Hotel   Located deep in the tranquil pine forest of the Lule River Valley this amazing tree house hotel seem to have been built to offer it’s guest a luxury retreat and isolation from the all the hustle and bustle, with views of acres of forest and river below. See Also:  10 Places You Never Imagined Existed …Until Now!

#2 Hotel Kakslauttanen,  ‪Saariselka, Finland

Igloo Hotels Located in isolated snow forest, this hotel glass igloos was designed to admire the Northern Lights. The hotel also has log cabins and traditional snow igloos you can stay in too

#3 Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

Magic Mountain Hotel Limestones were used to build an artificial mountain with rooms built into it, and a waterfalls atop that blow like volcanoes. There’s  also a monkey bridge for crossing over into the building. Enchanting isn’t it?!

#4 The Inntel Hotel Amsterdam Zaandam, The Netherlands

Inntel Hotel Amsterdam Zaandam Golly! on close observations, the hotel appears to be made up of 70 series of traditional houses from the Zaan region stacked one on top of one another. And i think Netherlands is among the most beautiful countries in the world, so it’s not surprising to find a hotel like that!.

#5 Attrap Reves Hotel, France

Attrap Reves Hotel, France Talk about luxury in a bubble room, you might have a feel of someone out of space at night, and sleeping and waking up under the sky is definitely something you would want to experience at least once a your lifetime!.

#6 Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort (Huzhou China)

Sheraton_Huzhou_Hot_Spring_Resort_ Here’s a description I got from comments made about this exotic resort “Difficult to imagine a more provocative,astounding ,exceptional architectonical design than the Huzhou Sheraton both from the outside and inside where most of the decoration is built from different types of Jade brought in from all parts of the world .The service is superb and the Japanese Restaurant is an incredible gastronomical experience”. Click here for an amazing glimpse of the inside! See Also: These 25 Hotels Have Beautiful But Ridiculously Expensive Suites…

#7 Sun Cruize resort and Yatch

sun_cruise_resort_yacht   Wow! A ship hotel is probably not such a dazing sight to behold but think about the architecture behind this structure and the luxury it exude is unbelievable.

#8 Faralda Crane Hotel, Amsterdam

Joined Faralda Crane Hotel   OMG! who could ever believe, at first sight, that this crane is actually a hotel. It looks like it’s just a junk crane when you look at it on the outside, the inside is super luxurious. See Also: 15 Ideal Places To Vacation In Nigeria