8 Scam Emails That Appear Very Authentic – BEWARE

A fraudulent scheme that deceives people, through emails, text messages and calls into giving away personal details and/or cash is known as Phishing, popularly called SCAM. Email phishing has been around in Nigeria for a while now but is upgrading alongside technology.

Scammers now target people through emails, online banking systems, text messages and online transactions. As fraud is becoming ever more sophisticated and rampant, more people fall prey to these fraudsters on a daily basis.

Some scams are obvious, while others may appear genuine. There are a couple of SCAM emails sent to the public and you need to be alert, and inform your loved ones too.

These guys study the organisations they want to pose as and craft their messages to look like those of the real organizations. If you receive a mail from a bank you don’t have an account with, it’s simply a scam.

May I suggest that you avoid upgrading your bank account online as some cyber rogues have gone to the point of using the watering hole and URL hijacking to steal victims information. If you are not sure of any mail sent to you from your bank, there is no harm going to verify from the nearest branch.

Do not click on any mail link sent to you by a bank, whether yours or unknown. Here are seven examples of scam emails posing as friends, business investors, reputable Nigerian Banks and other organisations.

1. From: [email protected]

Zenith Internet Banking Login Alert

There was a successful login to your zenith internet banking account

Time: Fri, July 10th, 2015 04:50 PM

If you did not initiate this login kindly email us at [email protected], for security measures. But if you initiated the login kindly ignore this mail. Kindly contact zenithdirect (our 24/7 Customer Interactive Center) on 01-2787000, 01-2927000, 01-4647000 or send an email to [email protected], stating your account number and name.

Thank You.

Zenith Bank.

NB: If you re-read the above mail sensitively, you will notice some slight errors that your eyes automatically corrected while reading. In the mail you were asked to contact, a letter was omitted, they wrote ZENTH but if you don’t look carefully you will assume it is ZENITH. This is to say when you reply the mail, you will be sending your financial details to a group of people impersonating ZENITH bank. Once they have your internet login password, ATM card last 4 digits and token number, your account is doomed.


2. Hello Dearest,

My name is Nancy Kabore Laboso, I saw your profile today and became interested in you. Please reply to me at my email address ([email protected]) I have much more to discuss with you. Thank you.

Nancy Kabore Laboso.

NB: Do not make the mistake of replying this kind of message through your email. If Facebook isn’t OK for the chat, then its a SCAM.

3. Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the International conference on human rights and Elimination of Discrimination in all its Forms which will be held from July 22nd to 1st August 2015 in California, United States and Saint-Louis Senegal. This Conference will bring together practitioners, researchers and educators from around the world who are engaged in human rights issues.

Note that all interested delegate that requires an entry visa to attend this meeting in the United States and Senegal will be assisted by the organization in obtaining the visa. Free air round trip tickets to attend this meeting will be provided to all participants. The conference welcomes paper presentation from any interested participant willing to present papers during the meeting. For more information, please contact Dr Julie Dundon via Email: [email protected] Please share the information with your colleagues.


Dr Kate Spencer

Member Activities coordinator

Email: [email protected]

4. Dear Esteemed Customer,

It has come to our notice that many of our customers’ online account has been compromised.

In order to enhance the security of online transactions as per regulatory guidelines for additional level of authentication.

We need an accurate verification of your Zenith Online banking For Security Reason.

Login Here: https://ibank.zenithbank.com/internetbanking/index.jsp. We strongly advise you to prevent your account from being terminated.

Thank You for Banking With Us,

Online Customer Services

NB: If curiosity leads you to follow-up this mail, you will discover that the sender’s IP is a randomly generated IP. The text link is the same for Zenith bank login page but behind the text in the mail, the scammers linked the URL to their password harvest server-side page which is not Zenith’s. After filling in your details into the proposed fake page you will be redirected to the real website of Zenith bank. These guys are really smart, be wise.

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5. I am Mrs Nicole Maoris

I am a dying woman who was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. I decided to will/donate the sum of 2.5 million dollars to you for the good work of God, and also to help the motherless and less privilege and also assist widows. I have adjusted my will and my lawyer is aware. I wish you all the best and may God bless you abundantly, and please, use the funds judiciously and always extend the good work to others.

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As soon as you get back to me, I shall give you details on what I need from you then you will contact the bank and tell them I have willed those properties to you by quoting my personal file routing and account information. I know I don’t know you but I have been directed to do this by God. Respond urgently through this address [email protected]

Your faithful friend,

Mrs Nicole Maoris.


6. From: [email protected]

Dear Customer, We Regret to inform you that we are undergoing some malfunctions in our online banking system. Please verify and take a security registration for your active online account with us by following to migrate to the new FirstOnline, our enhanced internet banking solution. Kindly update all your records with us correctly to prevent service interruption/suspension.


1. Go to https://www.1stbanknigeria- online.com/corp/

2. Enter Your Current USERID & PASSWORD & a TOKEN CODE

3. It is mandatory to enter the code generated by your FBN hardware token device

4. Lastly, Provide the Answer to your secret questions

5. Please kindly move this message to your inbox folder if found in your junk

KINDLY NOTE THAT YOU ARE REQUIRED TO INPUT YOUR TOKEN CODE FOR SUCCESSFUL UPDATES TO OUR NEW SITE. You must Synchronize your token to avoid locking of your token thereby making it impossible to carry out transactions online.

Thank you for banking with us.

NB: For this particular mail, the sender’s name is [email protected] while senders e-mail is [email protected] How genuine is it for First Bank to own such an email? Bank emails are usually official and customized. This mail has captured a lot of Nigerians into a web of financial bankruptcy. NOTE: NO BANK WILL ASK YOU FOR YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS VIA EMAIL. Be alert.


Friendship is sharing with laughter & Happiness. Friendship is helping each other when it seems there’s no hope. Friendship is taking time to encourage one another. In Friendship, you and I can learn from each other and also offer good advice to our selves especially in some circumstances that are beyond our control. You don’t know how this “Friendship” happens. It just happens so soulfully. It is a light from the “Friendship” that provides sunlight to the soul whenever it happens. But you know and you have to recognize the gift from above.

My name is Juliet Wake from the United States of America, hope to tell you more about myself as soon as I hear from you.

Please send me your email address, cya!


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8. From: EcoBank [email protected]

Your email address associated with your EcoBank account must be verified. Please login to your account now in order to verify your email address. Account Login http://www.addialeto.net/ke/eco/>. This communication contains confidential and privileged information for the use of the designated recipient above. Distribution, reproduction, or any other use of this transmission by any party other than the intended is prohibited.


EcoBank Customer Care

NB: This whole scam post is not intended to make you ignore all bank emails even from your bank. Whenever you receive a mail from your bank, the best thing is to acknowledge it by visiting the bank not by clicking the link in the mail. If you have an old genuine mail from your bank, you can as well reference it to cross check any suspected mail.

Meanwhile, the banks affected and the Central Bank of Nigeria are observing these trends. They have Information Security Units across banks monitoring phishing attacks targeted at customers. These phishing sites and emails are taken down ones these units are informed.

Banks are also creating awareness via text messages and emails informing customers never to compromise their banking details. You too can stop these email hackers from spreading; stop visiting porn websites, as they are used for drive-by download and email collection.

Ajumoke Nwaeze
Ajumoke Nwaeze is a Creative Writer and Sensational singer, whose essence is to live, love and impact.


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