6000 Boko Haram Insurgents Trapped


The unflinching efforts of the Nigerian Army to eliminate the Boko Haram has recently achieved a huge success as they trapped not less than 6000 of the insurgents.

Nigerian Army has been employing all sorts of military strategies over time to see to the wipe-out of the dreaded Islamist Terrorist Group, Boko Haram who has been carrying out series of bestial and bloody activities in the Northern part of Nigeria. Information gotten a couple of hours ago from the twitter account of a private military contractor with the account name @DonKlericuzio has it that on Tuesday night, no fewer than 6000 Boko Haram insurgents were surrounded  in Madagali and Gulak area of Borno state by the army.


According to the report, the army is getting more reinforcements from Garlano camp to fortify the already established blockade against the Boko Haram on the highway near Gulak. The road is currently inaccessible to the insurgents as it is covered with artillery.

According to the correspondent, some other successes were recorded including the apprehension of eight Boko Haram EID makers and would be suicide bombers in Yola, North East of Nigeria, the co-ordinating operation carried out by security operatives of the Lake Chad Basin Commission in the vicinity of Ngala and Banki against the terrorists. Also, the MNJTF forces carried out counter-offensive attacks against the insurgents in Krenoa through the use of the Nigeria’s Alpha jets airstrike.

It was also gathered from the tweets that a source from the Nigerian Defense HQ disclosed that there are plans with neighboring countries for about 35,000 – 40,000 Boko Haram fighters to put down their arms and surrender to the military.

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