Adult Education: 60-Year Old Man Begins Secondary Education


The popular addage ‘better late than never’ can be seen evidenced in the life of a 60-year old man, Mr. Adalabu Seribor, who is undergoing adult education as a JSS II student at Izon College, Bomadi-Overside in Bomadi Local Government Area of Delta State.

Mr. Seribor, a wheelbarrow pusher popularly called Oyibo in the community, narrates that he decided to go to school at an old age, because he perpetually felt the pain of being an illiterate in this modern world where everything has to do with English and education.

Seribo took the big leap and decided to further his education after realizing that without education, one cannot do well in this present society, and also because he did not want a situation where someone else would interpret or write for him if eventually chosen to hold an office in his community.

According to him, he lost his mother at child birth and had a hunter father. He was bred by his  grandmother after his mother’s death and later taken to a step-mother when his father remarried.

Mr. Seribo further narrates that he went through pains and hardship at his tender age to adulthood, and went through struggles all through his life history.

Though he had the opportunity to go to school at a young age, when a relative who was a magistrate at Ekeremor in Bayelsa State took him to his house, but because of early morning beatings due to his failure to greet him when rising from bed, he was sent back to his father.

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Since then, he lost the opportunity to go to school, and therefore continued in hard labour to survive in life, which he is still doing.

Seribo makes a living by pushing wheelbarrow from which he pays his school fees, after school hours, he goes back home to look for work to do, which he has been doing for a living. He does various menial jobs such as packing dirt from gutters, packing sand, clearing grasses in people’s compounds and also packing soak-away faeces in the dead of the night.

He stresses his determination to complete his education by the grace of God because of the pains in my heart, saying he realizes that one cannot do well without education in this society.

Seribor who dreams of becoming a teacher in the near future, intends to proceed to Teachers’ Training College at the end of his secondary education.

According to him, he wants to teach and advise the young boys and girls wasting their time and years roaming the streets to go to school, because he believes if he can go to school at his age, then every other young person can.

Mr. Edsemi Anesah, Seribor’s class teacher describes him as a committed and hardworking student.

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