Boko Haram: Suicide Attack Leaves 6 Dead,16 Injured In Maiduguri


Four female teenage suicide bombers and two other men have been killed, following a suicide attack at  Usmanti area along Muna Garage in Maiduguri.

The four teenage girls reportedly detonated explosives worn around their bodies at the outskirts of the Borno State capital, in the early hours of Wednesday.

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Four deafening explosions echoed over Maiduguri in quick successions at about 1.15 a.m., causing sleeping residents to jump out of their beds in fear of yet another horrific attack by Boko Haram.

The National Emergency Management Agency confirmed the incidence in a statement signed by its spokesperson, Sani Datti.

“Four female teenage suicide bombers killed two other men (6 people dead) when they detonated explosives at Usmanti along muna Garage road at about 1.15 a.m.”

He added that about 16 people were injured and were administered with first aid by rescue workers, before being transported to the state Specialist Hospital and the University Teaching Hospital in Maiduguri.

“16 people who got injured were administered with first aid by rescue workers before being transported to the state specialist hospital and university teaching hospital in Maiduguri Borno state”.

But the police is yet to issue a statement on how the attack was carried out.

Suicide bombing by teenage girls primed by Boko Haram has been a major strategy of the insurgents for about two years now.

suicide bombing

Over 200 such teenage girls have lost their lives helping Boko Haram convey their lethal weapons to attack both military and civil populations around north-east Nigeria. Sadly, less than ten of them survived the deadly mission.

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It has also been observed that most the female bombers were always deployed in twos to carry out the suicide attack.

One of the girls that recently reneged on the suicide attack mission by refusing to detonate her explosive told security operatives that they were made to believe that the explosives would not harm them.

She said they were told that they would disappear to a safe haven where they would be married to handsome husbands of their choice and then live an eternal life of bliss and happiness.

Last month also, an 18- year-old suicide bomber, Amina, who was intercepted by Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) personnel yesterday in Maiduguri, said Boko Haram gave her N200 for the mission.

Amina said she was abducted two years ago by the terror group’s members in Madagali, Adamawa and taken to Sambisa Forest, and that her father, mother and younger brother, Umar, were all killed when they tried to escape from the enclave where they were held hostage.

She said she is married to a Boko Haram commander known as “Amir” and that she and her partner Zainab were told to just press the button, the bomb would explode and we will automatically go to Heaven.

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“They gave us N200 each to buy food for ourselves. It took us three days to come to Maiduguri on a motorcycle. We were directed by the sect members to detonate our explosives where there is any form of gathering

“They said if we press the button, the bomb would explode and we will automatically go to Heaven. I was scared, so, I told them that I could not detonate any explosive. So, they said if Zainab detonated her own, it would serve the purpose

“On our way to Maiduguri, we encountered the military and they were shooting. I was very scared and the people that brought us ran away. I am from Imam Shekau’s faction of Boko Haram even though I have never seen Shekau but I hear about him in Gobarawa.”