50 Things You’ll Definitely Regret When You’re 50

Life starts at birth and ends not at death but when we stop living a happy life. In-between when we are born and when we eventually take the last breath, thousands of events will pass.

However, not all these events will stand the taste of time in our memory box. This is why we should do everything possible to store as many events as possible, carry out every single positive act conceived so that when we are old, we will look back and smile – no regrets.

Spending your youthful days and not realizing how beautiful you are will only bring tears to your feeble eyes when your once glowing skin will be full of age and wrinkles.

This article contains a long list of things that will help you understand the importance of using your time efficiently and fully so you don’t have any regrets when you are older.

1. Surrounding yourself with awful friends. You are to a large extent who you dine with.

2. Spending too much time in a crappy relationship. You knew how awful it was at the time, but you couldn’t get yourself to let go.

3. Staying in too many nights. Life may not always be a party, but there should be a few festivals scattered throughout.

4. Being too busy. Busy can be good; busy can be bad. Don’t be too busy to enjoy life.

5. Never taking a moment to do absolutely nothing. Living doesn’t require anything but breathing. If you want to know what living really feels like, take a moment to do absolutely nothing.

6. Not giving it your all when your all was needed.

7. Making all those excuses. You can make all the excuses you want as long as you realize that one day, you will accept them as just that: excuses.

8. Blaming others for your misfortune. Point the finger at the mirror, instead.

9. Giving up. You can’t go back and redo what you did — or in this case, didn’t do.

10. Giving into your fears.

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11. Moping around instead of living. Don’t feel sorry for yourself; it’s pathetic.

12. Following the herd. It’s for sheep only. You’re better than that. Lead and don’t follow.

13. Not flossing. Your teeth won’t stay strong forever.

14. Not following your passion. Life should be your passion. If you aren’t passionate, you aren’t living.

15. Not loving intensely. Love and love deeply.

16. Allowing others to keep you down. You’re not a doormat. Don’t let others treat you as such.

17. Not speaking your mind. Brilliance isn’t brilliance if you keep it to yourself.

18. Taking a huge risk. We all need to take one big risk in our lives in order to feel that we really did live to the fullest.


19. Not dreaming big enough. If you’re going to devote your time to something, make it the craziest, most incredible something you possibly can.

20. Not crying or laughing enough. Emotions make us feel alive. Don’t bundle them up; let them free.

21. Not letting those you care about know that you care about them.

22. Not telling those you love that you love them while you still had the chance. People aren’t around forever. Accidents happen; ageing happens.

23. Not using that condom that one time. It was just that one time, and you’ve been living with the consequence ever since.

24. Not putting a ring on it. Commitment is a scary thing. What if he or she turns out not to be the right person? Well, that’s what divorce was created for.

25. Spending years pretending to be someone you’re not.

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26. Never taking the time to explore your sexuality.

27. Never having that threesome. Sure, you don’t need one. But dammit, you want one since you’ve always imagined what it will be like.

28. Never taking the time to explore yourself. You are more complicated than you now believe. Get to know yourself better. Who knows, you can be your best friend.


29. Spending time focusing and fussing over things that don’t matter. Time is a priceless commodity. You’re constantly spending it and can never buy it back.

30. Being too angry, too often. The world isn’t perfect. Most people are idiots. These facts won’t change, so why stress over them?

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31. Not quitting that job you can’t stand. You should never do something you don’t want to do unless it gets you to somewhere you need to be.

32. Not taking the time to experience nature. You live in a world that goes beyond the walls of your apartment and office. Explore it.

33. Not trying the drugs you really wanted to try when you were younger. Yes, it can be dangerous; it’s a risk, but if you want to try them, do it while you still have the energy to party all night.

34. Not taking responsibility for all your actions. It’s a part of growing as an individual.

35. Eating the same thing all the time. Food is a big part of the human culture. Some chefs are more like magicians. You don’t want to miss out on one of life’s most delectable pleasures by being selective.

36. Saving all your money and never enjoying any of it. These are the possible scenarios – You’ll die with a very hefty bank account and no memories, or you’ll lose it before you decide to enjoy it.

37. Not saving a bit of money for a rainy day. Not to counter #36 though, just be on the average line.

38. Not being more social. Our interactions with people are crucial to our happiness. A simple “hi” can grow into “I do.”


39. Not making your own decisions. It’s your life; they’re your decisions to make.

40. Not supporting those around you. People can do the impossible if they have enough people telling them that it’s possible.

41. Not having more sex. It gets harder with age. (actually, softer.)

42. Not allowing yourself to fall in love. It can be a scary thing to love and to let your guard down, but the only way to feel great pleasure is to risk feeling great pain.

43. Not learning a different language. Language introduces you to a whole new culture and an entirely new perspective.

44. Not travelling more. The world is yours; explore it while you are still able.

45. Letting go so easily. A little more perseverance would have produced a better result than you got.

46. Eating all that over-processed food. It eventually catches up with you at old age.

47. Not exercising enough. The body is a machine. If you maintain it, it’s more likely to keep running for as long as you fuel it.

48. Not taking more calculated risks. If you don’t risk, you don’t win.


49. Getting that tattoo. If only you knew that cute kitten tattoo will turn out this ugly like a stretched-out horse.

50. Taking too many uncalculated risks. Calculate and only then decide to act; you may decide it’s not worth it after all.

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