50 Cent Backs Out As Executive Producer Of TV Series, Power


Power,  which is one of the highest rated American TV series on DSTV and is at the verge of losing one of its cast, 50 Cent, who is also the executive producer.

After the Golden Globe nomination list was released and Power didn’t make it, Curtis Jackson popularly known as 50 Cent blasted the organisation for snubbing his show and has threatened to quit the show.

Shortly after his threat, he suggested Floyd Mayweather would be a better replacement, warning people to stop bothering him with calls.

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“I’m on the move again, Golden globes can suck a dick. I accept my series POWER was not intended to be a signature show for the network but it is the highest rated show.

“I know my audience very well; I’m done promoting this outside of contractual obligations. SEASON 4 KANAN MUST DIE, I got other shit to do. #EFFENVODKA.”

“I’m off the POWERtrain, the champ is gonna do the show,” he shared in another post. “Go to him for more info, I gotta do something different.   Ain’t nothing wrong with my phone stop calling,I’m not picking up. I’m working on my new project. #EFFENVODKA.”

“50 Cent co-Producer of Hit movie Power wants out.”

Meanwhile, the third season of the Starz hit series came to an end on Sunday, September 25, 2016, and the unexpected twist has got people talking.

50 Cent Backs Out As Executive Producer of TV Series, Power

In the episode, an innocent Ghost was arrested by Angela for the murder of her colleague and former lover, Greg Knox.

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In the final minutes of Sunday’s episode, which is titled “In My Best Interest,” Ghost’s son, Tariq, was held for ransom by Ghost’s former associate and enemy, Kanan.

From Milan’s murder, Kanan holding Ghost’s son hostage, Ghost’s arrest, and Tommy plotting behind Ghost to deal drugs at his club, the episode was an action-packed one.

Power, as the name suggests is centred on love, money and the quest for unquestionable and undefeatable power.