20+ Best Affordable Gifts For Loved Ones This Christmas


It’s a green-white Christmas in Nigeria as citizens get busy with shopping for gifts, hustling, and bustling in preparation for the once in every year celebration.

However bad this year may seem, with the recession and all, one don’t get too many chances like this to ease up a little on the problems of this world and enjoy a worry-burden-free season like the Christmas – A season to give and receive gifts from loved ones, friends, spouse, parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, children or from a secret Santa Clause.

Christmas is a season when Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as the world’s saviour hence it is a time of homecoming, get-together, exchange of love and care between families – nuclear or extended family.

You’re probably wondering what gifts to offer loved ones without breaking your bank account, but worry no more as BuzzNigeria present you with varieties of affordable fancy giveaway goodies to put dashing smiles on peoples’ faces this Xmas season.

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20+ Best Affordable Christmas Gifts

1. Colourful Beeswax Candle or scented candles


What could be more appropriate than colourful candles – scented or not, which lightens every corner of a house, at the dinner table or bathroom etc. Consider it a beautiful giveaway Xmas gift.

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2. Food items for someone in need

Spread the spirit of Xmas by sharing what you have with the less privileged, old and young alike. The joy is living comes from cheerful giving. Be someone else’s Santa Clause.

3. Sets of wine glasses

These might be the perfect gift for the host when you are invited to dinner or a party, so take advantage of it and make your entrance to your host’s house a memorable one.

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4. Wristband Headphone or Xiaomi Super Bass Earpiece

A wristband headphone would be a welcome deviation from the usual tangling wire earpiece. It serves as a fashion accessory. Each comes with small, medium and large silicon tips for the earpieces. The Xiaomi super Bass earpiece is sold at N1,900 or less so you might like to include on the gifts list.

5. Bath Exfoliating gift set


This comes in different colours and shapes suitable for both adults and children. It’s affordable thus will make a nice little present for those you care about. You can include the Spa Tonic Sugar skin scrub.

6. Lip balm

It’s harmattan season so everything and everyone got dried up. Surprising your loved ones with sweet oily lip balms would be the ideal gift to express your love and care

7. Fancy Soap dish


You can find fancy soap dishes at variety stores, bathroom or home decor stores. It’s a long lasting affordable gift.

8. Scented bath soap

Hands and body soaps come in varieties and affordable prices and it’s easy to find them at supermarkets and shopping malls.

9. Body mist or perfume

A nice gift for just about anyone, for parents or friends, spouse, sibling, children etc. As much as they’re not all favourable, choosing a nice fragrance won’t be too hard, plus, there are affordable ones.

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10. Cooking tools

Quite a welcome gift for the kitchen so think of that newest bride or bride-to-be and surprise her with a nice cooking tool, such as apron, oven glove, frying pan etc.

11. Updated dairy or journal

Adults will enjoy flexible and hand size journal for recording memories, schedules, dates, address, contacts, drawing, painting and many other pursuits. So include that as well.

12.  Bluetooth knit Music hat


It might be the first time you’re seeing this gadget but should not be so surprising cos technology is evolutionary and trust me when I tell you that every teenager would…love…to have a wireless Bluetooth headset hat for a funky Xmas season. Adults too. The hat connects to Bluetooth-enabled media player devices —  smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung Galaxy, laptops and PCs. Therefore it’s legal to include it on your list of Christmas giveaway gifts.

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13. Stainless liquor bottle


Gifts such as this will brighten the face of Fathers and Grandfathers who love to take a swift gulp of liquor occasionally. Jim, rums, whiskey etc. is filled into the bottle, just enough to carry around in their pockets.

14. Handcream

A cruelty-free, nourishing hand cream can serve as a handsome gift for anyone, male or female. Not many people bother to buy it but it a most appreciable gift to offer.

15. Beer Chilling Sticks


Beer lovers will appreciate a  gift like this on Christmas. A beer chilling stick for that distinguished person you respect, might be regarded as an honourable gesture. The set includes two stainless steel “sticks” filled with thermal coolant gel. Keep the sticks in the freezer and drop into the beverage glass or bottle.

17. Selfie stick for mobile phones

It hard for anyone to reject a gift like this since is it compatible with iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus, Android and Samsung Galaxy models S5 and S6. When you can’t think of what to give, an adjustable, long-handled selfie stick may be the answer.

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18. Leather Bangle bracelet

This comes in gold- or silver-colored metal accents with assorted to make any male or female happy this holiday season.

19. Chocolate Bars

Chocolates are yummy and can be the perfect gift for work colleagues and Secret Santas.

20. Flow Bracelet

21. Ceramic teapot

22. Audio Mini Speaker


The audio speaker is quite portable, affordable, and supremely giveable, the Bluetooth speaker it easy to stuff in a bag when one is on the move.

23. Fashion Eyeglass/Google

Well, it’s Christmas and everyone would like to show off and look like celebrities.

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24. myCharge Portable Battery

The portable Battery is an excellent gift for anyone who uses a phone, electronic book, computer, tablet or gaming device. It has a USB port on one side and a mini port on the other and perfect for travellers.

25. Porcelain Oven Baker


Every typical homemaker will be delighted to have at least one porcelain baker in his/her kitchen. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special, this would be it – with different sizes, shapes, and colours to select from.

26. Novelty socks

27. Lifestraw Personal Water Filter


This will make a great gift for travelers and people living in areas little and unclean water supply. It’s a lightweight filter with a hollow tube that works like a straw. It provides clean water for a year — a minimum of 1,000 liters.

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28. Car/phone holder

This is a delightful safety gift for car owners to enjoy answering calls behind the wheel.

29. Wallpaper decor

There is a wide range of wallpapers; from floral to celebrity stickers. Just be creative and figure which would suit the recieve of your precious gift.

It is important to remember that gifts, no matter how little, keeps relationship bonds stronger. Wishing You A Happy Christmas And Prosperous, Zero Recession New Year!