5 Things You Should Do If NLC Strike Holds! MUST READ!


It’s a brand new week, and one that looks to be very eventful. If you live in Nigeria, coming on the heels of plans to embark on a total strike action on Wednesday the 18th of May by the organized labour (comprising the Nigerian Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress), you might want to read this.

Here are 5 things you should probably do:

#1. Stock Up On Food

In the even that the planned strike action pulls through, it would be wise to stock up on as much food items as you can.


Foods such as grains, cereals, and fresh foods would be most ideal and come in handy since they are easy to cook. Stock less of the frozen foods and meat.

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#2. Get Enough Fuel and Water

Aside from food, two things you wouldn’t want to run out of, in the event of a strike are water and fuel.


Get as much fuel as you may need for your car and generator, as well as enough water to keep you hydrated for a reasonable length of time.

#3. Charge Your Communication Devices

It’s important that you stay in touch with your family and friends, and also keep tabs of whats happening around you.


This means you have to charge up your phones and laptop so you can stay connected with the people and information that matter to you.

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#4. Be Security Conscious

It’s important that you be vigilant and security conscious as you go about your activities. You don’t want to be caught unawares, off guard, or be a victim of some security breach.


Where necessary, stay indoors, secure your environment and stay safe!

#5.  Visit Buzznigeria.com 

Lastly, you need to stay informed in such a time as this, keeping abreast of what’s happening nationally as well as across the globe.


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