Top 5 Nigerian Male Artistes With a Body to Die For


Nigeria has a lot of people, male and female, whose got a well-toned body. However, this article highlights the male artistes who have captivated our eyes and hearts with their hot body.

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These guys are aware of their endowment and what it does to people, especially to the female folks, so often times they keep their chests bare just to attract attention. These celebs are hot and sexy. They have that appeal that can make you swallow hard and the charm only a few women can ignore. Let’s meet them!

5. D’Banj

First on this list is the Koko Master. He’s got handsome looks, great abs and hmm, he’s got the Koko. Aside Fela, D’banj is one Nigerian singer who loves to take off his shirt on stage, and when he does the crowd drools at his well-toned muscles. He may have reduced the frequency he visits the gym, but he still got a hot body.

4. Lynxxx

Hot Body - Lynxxx

We didn’t have to put up a nude picture of Lynxxx just to convince you that he has a body to die for. Let’s call him Mr. Decent, Lynxxx hardly shares photos of himself in his underpants, but we know and can see through his clothes that what is beneath is a treasure that most ladies will want to have for keeps.

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Lynxxx recently retraced his footsteps back to the creator, therefore, he is aware that his body is God’s temple just like the ladies are aware that his body is hotter than fire.

3.  Inyanya

Hot Body - Inyanya

The Kukere crooner, Inyanya has got it, no doubt. His muscles are well-fed just like his skin is well-adorned  with multiple tattoos. Due to Inyanya’s unique physique, some fashion brands have used him severally as their wardrobe ambassador.

2. Peter Okoye

Hot Body Peter Okoye

The P-Square duo captivated females with their voice no doubt, but the real captivator was and still is Peter Okoye’s sexy body.

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Peter is always sharing hot photos of his bare body on Instagram, a strategy that has been getting him more female fans. Trust me s3x sells, and Peter is selling fauxly.

1. Flavour N’abania

Hot Body

Flavour is our number one Nigerian male singer with the hottest body. Even the guys are aware that he has the kind of body that can make a lady speak in tongues. His height and muscles give him that hunk look that thrills most ladies. Although, his two baby mamas are yet to confess, Flavour’s physique was one of the things that trapped them in his bed.

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There are some other male singers in Nigeria with hot bodies, but like mentioned earlier, these are our top ranked. Who is your favourite hot-bodied Nigerian artiste? Feel free to drop their names in the comment box.