Akwa Ibom: Four Little Girls, All Sisters, Abandoned By Parents For Being Witches


Four little girls from the same family, were reportedly abandoned by their parents after they were told in a prayer house that all four children were involved in witchcraft. They were however, rescued by a kind-hearted Nigerian at about 1.00am on Tuesday, October 26th at Abak new bridge, Akwa Ibom State, were they were dropped off by their parents.

The story which was shared by Child’s Right And Rehabilitation Network, CRARN, reads:

“Four female children were yesterday rescued by a good Samaritan around 1:00 AM in the night. The children whose origins are yet to be identified said they were told in a prayer house that they were witches, an allegation which compelled their parent to abandoned in another prayers house which they went for deliverance, for years without bringing them food to them.

“Their parent later came to the church at the instance of the pastor, pick them and put in a waiting car which drove them to the Abak bridge and dropped them there. The children were malnourished and seen with wounds, bruises, and scars in different parts of their body indicative of variant degrees of torture, which of course are not uncommon with children who suffer similar faith consequent upon witchcraft stigmatization.

“My father said he’s afraid of God, he would have killed us as instructed by the prophets,” one of the children said.

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Speaking after their rescue, a right activist said children have been continuously abandoned in the state over allegations of witchcraft by parents after desperate get-rich-quick pastors and prophets had label witches/wizards, ‘and made their parents force them on the streets if not killed’.

The activist said the children were lucky to be rescued in the wee hours of the night otherwise, they would have been picked by the lurking human traffickers or ritual killers who maraud the streets in search of children for diabolic purposes.

The rights activist added:

“Different states in Nigeria, mostly Akwa Ibom, Cross River and River States, remain the hotbed for children abandonment due to witchcraft accusations. Lagos and Ekiti have also been reported to be in the high rank of witchcraft allegation on children and elderly people in recent times which lead to their death and forceful incapacitation.”

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