35 Decomposing Bodies Found In Deserted Homes In Bama, Borno State


The Chairman of Bama Local Government Area in Borno state, Ali Gujja, revealed to journalists during a tour of the community yesterday November 26th, that they found decomposing bodies which were evacuated from the many houses destroyed by Boko Haram during one of their many attacks on the community. According to him;

“We’ve evacuated more than 35 decomposed bodies in Bama in the course of our clearing exercise since the state government has given a marching order for us to clean the ruins of the town so that rehabilitation and reconstruction can start in earnest,”

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While it is saddening to realize that innocent citizens of Nigeria are being killed every now and then, it is also necessary to really look at the continuous claims by the Nigerian military to have greatly weakened Boko Haram and its hope for an abrupt end to the conflict by the end of the year.

Despite all the claims, the Islamists are without doubt still demonstrating capacity to launch deadly attacks. Apparently, they are growing stronger by the day given the attacks we’ve seen in recent times. The other time it was more than 100 military soldiers who were said to have been killed by the group. The death toll keeps increasing but the terrorists never seem to finish.

As a matter of fact according to Vanguard, about 1500 people have been killed in Nigeria recently since President Muhammadu Buhari took office in May through suicide and bomb attacks on northeastern towns and cities.

At the same instance, rural areas of Cameroon, Chad and Niger have also been targeted, giving emphasis to the Islamic State affiliate’s threat to regional security. Records of death in northern Nigeria keeps reaching us. Of course the insurgency isn’t what can be ended in one day but Nigerians are expecting that the death toll as a result of Boko Haram’s insurgency should decrease dramatically by effective strategies.

Something just needs to be done.