30 Things Every Nigerian Should Do Before Turning 30


Just like in other developing countries, it takes special intervention for a lot of Nigerians to meet up with things that should be done in the early stages of their lives. Most of the youths in their 30s still depend on people for financial assistance, advice on minor issues, and even coaching in different areas of their lives. They are yet to embrace adulthood without realizing that there is only little time left to achieve so much.

The time between your 20s and 30s is probably the most adventurous potential and should be put to maximum use. Once you turn 30, the tendency to feel old begins to creep in slowly and then you only give attention to the most important things in your life. However, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of trying to put your life in order, there are several goals you should set and things you should accomplish before 30 comes knocking on your age. Here are some of them.

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1. Get a Degree

With the poor system of the Nigerian education, it is only wise for a Nigerian to go through the rigorous process of obtaining a first degree before he hits 30. It is believed that education has no age limit, but when you see what older people go through in the hands of lecturers and younger colleagues, you will agree that it is better to be a graduate in your early 20s.

2. Serve The Country

After the degree comes service. Nigerian graduates can serve the country as Corps members only if they graduate from the university before 30. Although in the NYSC orientation camp you will find corpers in their last forties. As long as you graduate before 30 you are eligible, but then you will not fit in well with other corps members who are in their early twenties.

3. Own a Land

It’s either you inherit from your parents or you buy yours. Land is quite affordable in remote areas in Nigeria and with dedicated savings of N400,000, you can buy your own piece of 100 by 100 plot of land in your village. Owning a land automatically upgrades your thinking and makes you feel like a real adult who is ready to build a home.

4. Secure a Job

Nigerians can attest to the fact that most job openings for fresh graduates set an age limit of not more than 25 years. So if you are waiting to hit 30 before applying for that job, then you will have to be jobless for most part of your life. Getting a job in your 20s secures your future and shows responsibility. You shouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

5. Get a Companion


Getting a committed spouse should be on every Nigerian’s to do list, especially when you are in your 20s. Being single when you’re 30 is one of the worse things to happen to you, ladies in particular. Family members will be on your neck and when it gets longer, words will come to you from your village head. Aside from that, there are lots of benefits attached to getting married in time.

6. Boost Your Financial Stability

Before turning 30, make sure you have secured enough funds to take care of you for at least 6 months – kind of an emergency fund. It is also necessary that you get a good paying job and becoming financially independent to avoid getting lost in debt when the kids start coming or running up and done to raise money for something urgent.

7. Learn the Three Major Nigerian Languages

As a Nigerian you should be able to communicate in Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa in addition to your local dialect, Pidgin and English language. Most people in their 30s wish they learned a second or even third language when they still could. So wherever state you find yourself, grab the opportunity to learn their language and even culture. knowing the basics at least won’t hurt.

8. Visit At Least 10 Nigerian States

Many Nigerians are yet to leave the borders of their state and they are getting to 30. They only travel from one village to another in same state and this is one of the reasons why the mentality of this kind of people will never change. Make a conscious effort to visit other states before you get to 30. Each new state you visit is an original life lesson that comes with unique experiences. The more states you travel to, the better you can compare and draw conclusions from the people’s behavior, and culture.

9. Make at Least One Friend From Each Nigerian State

Traveling somewhere without making a new friend there is a huge loss. Interacting with the locals will give you the opportunity to learn about the secret facts of that very state and explore some mysterious places. Having one friend in each state in Nigeria will give you a wider scope of what is happening in the country. Creating a bond with these friends will also make it easier for you whenever you are travelling to any state within the country. At least you have where to spend a night if you run out of cash and who to take you around the town.

10. Board a Plane


It is surprising to hear that most Nigerian adults have not seen the inside of an aircraft before, aside the ones they watch in movies. Aero has made life easier for people who can not afford expensive air fare. With N14,000 you can give yourself a flight treat to Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt or any state of your choice, without spending all day on bad and blood sucking roads. What are adults for when they can’t afford a luxury trip?

11. Travel Out of Nigeria

Visiting a new country means a whole new experience, different culture, and tons of interesting people to meet. Every Nigerian should endeavor to visit other countries, starting from other African countries before they get to 30. Spare yourself the embarrassment when you meet high school kids of rich Nigerians talking about how they went to Dubai for Easter and Paris for Christmas, and you have never crossed Badagry before.

12. Know Your Passion

Before your 30th birthday, you should have discovered yourself to at least 70%. Know your passion, what inspires you and where you want to be in the nearest future. All these things will guide your life and make your career grow better.

13. Face Your Fears

Fear is a thing of the mind, it is not real and makes you see things the way they are not. Twenty something is the best age to get ride of your phobias – identify them, face them and deal with them. You will need that ability to help younger people go through similar challenges and it will only be embarrassing if you carry your phobia over to 30.

14. Create an Online Business

There are endless ways to make some extra money online and you need this money to put yourself in order before time eludes you. You can use your skills to create an ebook, or offer online courses. If you are good with web designs you can make a lot of money managing websites for people. Don’t forget that once you are 30, you will not have all the time in the world to think about an online business when you have more pressing issues on your mind.

15. Develop a Habit of Daily Exercise

The average Nigerian adult begins to add weight between his late 20s and all through his 30s. This has nothing to do with how well you feed or how well rested you are. It is natural that your body growth kicks off again within this period. The older you are, the more likely you are to lead a sedentary lifestyle so to avoid this hazard, start creating healthy exercise habits during your 20s. You can start with 20 minutes every day of body-weight workouts or go for a quick run.


16. Start Eating Healthy

Diet-related problems are a huge concern in today’s world for older people. They face these challenges due to accumulated unhealthy eating lifestyle they carried over from their 20s. More than one-third U.S. adults are obese and if you read about the fattest people on earth, you will find out they had and still have poor eating habits. If your plan is not to be obese later in life, then start inculcating the habit if eating right – more of unprocessed food.

17. Learn To Wake Up Early

Only lazy people sleep till 8. am. Most successful people go to bed late and wake up early. In whatever field you find yourself you need to be up and doing and not sleep till the cock crows, instead wake the cock up and you will realize how much you will achieve in a single day.

18. Read At Least 100 Books

Most young Nigerians prefer to watch movies than to read books. Imagine how much knowledge you would have gathered if you have actually read 100 books. Books hide incredible value and knowledge and no matter the level of problems you are facing, one book has the solution. So while others in their 20s watch movies and play video games, draw invaluable knowledge from decent books of different genres.

Conceptual Books
Conceptual Books

19. Write a Book

A vast reader will definitely want to write a book from all the knowledge gathered. And if you have been practicing #18, it won’t be difficult for you to share your ideas and opinion through your own book. All you need is a topic idea and writing materials. These days it’s easy to type on the go using your smartphones. Devote 30 minutes a day to writing and before your 30th birthday, you should be launching your first book.

20. Write a Letter To Your Future Self

This is a simple act that sounds silly but will make you aspire more. Write a composition about a day in your life, five years from today. While you write consider answering these questions. Where will you wake up? Who will be by your side? What will your house look like? What will be your profession? This exercise will trigger your desire to have a better future, because if it looks good on paper, it will look good in reality.

21. Do an Online Fast

Most Nigerians in their 20s will say this is impossible because they almost live online. But if you can’t control the time spent on the internet at this point you will probably get addicted to the internet when you turn 30. Imagine what you can do with all the time you spend on Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and other social forums. You can even do a TV fast for one month. This will help you focus and give you time to do things that are more productive.

22. Stop Being Mummy’s Boy/Girl

It’s time to grow up and stop waiting for your mum to give you approval on every single matter. Make your own choices and live your life the way you want to. Sooner than 10 years you should be fathering or mothering your own child. Only an adult can parent a child. Once you scale pass this, you are ready to embrace your next round figure age.

23. Quit All Bad Habits

Quit smoking, drinking, every weekend clubbing, womanizing, and any other habit that will not make you a better adult. Once you take them over to 30, it becomes even harder to curb or stop.

24. Know Your Priorities

Before you get to 30, you should be able to differentiate your needs from your wants. You should know what is important and what is not, this will help you know where to channel your time and resources to instead of just dancing in circles.

25. Partake In A Selfie Contest


With the rate at which young females take selfie, it will be an achievement if you partake in and win a contest to that regard. Just saying, because by the time you are 30 something, selfies will be the least thing on your mind – you will see it as childish.

26. Help Someone

Our life isn’t ly about ourselves but also about the people around us. There are many folks who really need help but are ignored by the society. Take it upon yourself to help one homeless person when you are in your 20s, support them with the basic human needs and by the time you are 30, your good must have grown taller than your age.

27. Learn To Say No

Saying no at the right moment is a habit which guarantees you a better life. However, the tendency in most people is quite the opposite. They say yes way too much and end up with unnecessary commitments and responsibilities which don’t add any value to their lives but frustrates their future.

28. Learn To Do Things Yourself

Learn to do some things by yourself so you don’t have to pay for everything.  You are young, innovative so you have what it takes to create anything you want to. Test your manual skills by building your own wardrobe, baking your birthday cake or as simple as doing your laundry yourself. This will boast your creativity as well as self-confidence. Maximize the opportunity now, as you get older you will have people doing your chores for you.

29. Move Out Of Your Parents House

Adulthood begins at 21, and as an adult you should be living on your own, though still under once-in-a-while guidance of your folks.

30. Stop Gossiping

Talking about someone when the person is not around, doesn’t show maturity, it shows you are not bold enough to face the person with your case. Gossiping is a terrible habit and should not be indulged in by adults who are in their 30s. Between 20 – 29 years of age, you can be [pardoned for some things but the moment the borderline has been crossed you are seen as a certified master adult worthy of recommendation. Don’t also forget that life at 30 may not be as realistic as it is futuristic, but in all embrace it with all gladness – after all, 30 is just a number.