30 Best Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire and Outfits

Well-designed Yoruba traditional wedding attire and outfits make every Yoruba traditional marriage an eye-popping, colorful, fashionable, and sleek event. The color of the day and the outfits worn by the couple are always the most looked out for on the big day. This makes the color and choice of style very carefully chosen. Aside from the bride and groom, family, friends, and well-wishers all arrive dressed to impress in stylish and fashionable attire.

The following Yoruba traditional wedding attire and outfits will surely make your day a memorable one:

Best Yoruba Traditional Wedding Colors

Wedding colors have a way of making a day extraordinary. Though it has no voice, it sets the tone for any wedding occasion and should be carefully picked.

1. Gold

Gold, which comes in various shades, is a symbol of royalty, peace, solace, and class. The color has a way of adding warmth and conveying a positive mood on any occasion. It creates a suiting blend with any skin type that wishes to rock it. It can be combined with any color of your choice for the color of the day.

It can also go with any color of accessories and matching footwear of your choice. No matter how simple you want a Yoruba traditional wedding to be, once gold is added to it, it turns out classy and cool.

2. Royal Blue

Blue, which is a symbol of wisdom, firmness, loyalty, perpetuity, and spirituality, is a calm color for every occasion. This shade of blue makes the atmosphere of every wedding cool, colorful, and full of life. Royal blue can be combined with varieties of colors like white, silver, gold, pink, peach, yellow, sky blue, and many more to add more flavor to the event. It is perfect for every skin type and can be rocked with blue, red, yellow, silver, gold, or black accessories or any matching accessories of your choice.

3. White and Black Combo

Combining white, which is a symbol of peace, cleanliness, humility, and sterility, with black, which is a symbol of power, wealth, and style, sends a great message. This color can be used to make some of the best Yoruba traditional wedding attire that is sure to make you and your bride stand out. It makes you look natural and can be combined with silver, black, or red accessories.

The black and white color combo makes it suitable for any skin color to rock. This color is for luxury weddings and people who wish to take the lead in the trend.

4. Wine Red/ Burgundy

The wine red/ burgundy color speaks volumes of boldness, wealth, opulence, and uniqueness. This color makes every bride and groom take charge when it comes to Yoruba traditional weddings. It makes the day unique, calm, classy, bold, and lively. To stun in this color, combine it with white, silver, gold, or black accessories.

It makes all fair skin look like a work of art and dark skin would stand out as bold. Elegance and class are mainly conveyed in this color.

5. All Silver Outfit

With a silver outfit, the day becomes extremely bright and colorful. This natural color can go perfectly with any color to add more vibrancy to the day. Most Yoruba brides and grooms have rocked the color as it is perfect for any skin tone. To rock it classy, combine it with red, or black accessories.

6. Sky Blue

Sky blue is another simple yet elegant color that will make any couple stand out at their traditional wedding. This color, which replicates the sky and ocean, symbolizes health, serenity, wisdom, faithfulness, love, inspiration, and stability. The color looks its best when combined with darker or wild colors like navy blue and black.

Accessories to go with it can come in silver, gold, or red. This color suits both dark and light-skinned couples.

7. Black and Orange Combo

A combination of black, which stands for power and authority, and orange, which symbolizes vibrancy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, expansive and flamboyant, gives out greater positive energy. This unique color combination creates a warm, and interesting atmosphere. The color combination makes it perfect for anyone with any skin tone.

It makes you look exceptional and can be combined with silver, black gold, or navy blue accessories. It is a great choice for elaborate traditional weddings and couples who wish to take their dressing to a more intricate level.

8. Ash

Neutrality and balance are well conveyed in this ash color with a touch of black. The color is rarely used and makes every traditional wedding ceremony stand out. It works best with darker or brighter colors like black, silver, or white. Accessories to go with it can come in silver, black, or red. This color is best for all skin types provided it is matched with the right accessories.

9. Purple

Bravery, royalty, luxury, power, and wisdom are well conveyed in this color. With this color, stepping out with boldness, elegance, and style at your traditional wedding is sure. To make it look prettier, design it with silver, white, or gold embroidery. Accessories to go with it should come in silver or gold.

It sits well on any skin tone and speaks volumes of elegance, boldness, and class.

10. Orange

Vibrancy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, expansiveness, and flamboyancy are all expressed in all shades of orange. The color has evolved into one of the most classy and sassy that any couple would want to wear. Silver, gold, white, cream, and black colors are best combined with it. It can be accessorized with silver, white, gold, cream, coral beads, or a neck chain. It suits most skin types, depending on the shade of orange.

11. Brown

With the evolution of perfect colors for traditional weddings, brown has come in handy, though it is rarely used. Brown is a natural color that speaks more of stability and maturity. A combination of silver, gold, white, cream, and black can make you stand out elegantly. Accessories to go with it should come in cream, silver, and gold. It is best for light-skinned couples.

12. Peach

The peach color, which signifies vitality, warmth, and peace, sets the tone for the whole day. The elegant and sweet color allows a perfect match for both decor and accessories with colors like grey, purple, green, blue, gold, silver, burgundy, and white. Any skin color can dazzle in this color as it makes one look bright and sweet.

13. Green

Green is the color of nature that signifies life, growth, harmony, and balance. The color calms and sets the tone of the atmosphere, no matter the day’s pressure. It works well with peach, gold, white, silver, red, and cream-colored clothes. Accessories that fit this color come in silver, gold, red, and cream. The naturalness makes it perfect for anyone that wishes to rock it.

14. Red

Red is fierce and connotes romance, sexuality, passion, love, fire, and solemnity. It is perfect for a confident couple that wishes to make a bold statement. To give a personalized touch to the event, a combination of pink, orange, black, gold, gray, blue, green, white, and so on, can be used. Accessories like gold, silver, cream, black, white, and red are best. Anyone can step out with confidence in this color as it is perfect for all skin shades.

15. Ivory and Gold Combo

The color of calmness, pureness, and softness combined with gold, which means royalty, peace, and class, brings about happiness, creativity, freshness, hope, and joy. Apart from gold, the ivory color can go with warm colors like red, yellow, pink, orange, brown, and many more. Accessories to go with ivory should come in silver, cream, red, and gold. The brightness of the color makes it great for everyone with the right combo.

Yoruba Introduction Outfits For Couples

Introduction events are one of the traditional rites that have to be performed before any marriage can take place. It is a time for the families of the bride and groom to mingle and get to know each other better. Though it is not a must for the couples to appear in traditional attire, it is best to show respect for the culture and appear at their best.

The following Yoruba introduction outfits will make the small day a lively and big one:

16. Vintage Asoke

The multiple-colored vintage Asoke is one of the best Yoruba traditional wedding attire that makes a bold statement for intending couples. The groom rocked his attire with his shirt sown into a short-sleeved danshiki and jumper trousers. He’s also adorned with matching red coral beads and a cap is sewn with the same material. Footwear in brown, red, and ash can go with the outfit, but the groom wrapped it up with black matching shoes.

The bride stepped out in an intricate long gown sown with the same material. The hand is made into an elaborate balloon that ends in tight sleeves. She matched it with a gele and a handpiece of the same material. Her outfit is accessorized with red coral beads. Other accessories can also come in any color found on the material.

17. Sky Blue Agbada With Lace Gown

This color and style of the outfit have already made the day for this couple. The groom kept it simple yet sassy with his short-sleeved embroidered agbada. He added more style with a matching cap, a red coral bead, and a black leather shoe. Other colors of accessories like silver, gold, and dark blue can also make the outfit a beauty to behold.

The bride maintained class and elegance in her sky blue long gown, fully designed with gold. More flavor was added to her outfit with a sky blue gele, a red coral bead, a set of gold jewelry, and a sky blue hand fan with a gold dot. She also used a matching gold shoe to complete her look. Other accessories like silver, and dark blue can also be worn with the color of the outfit.

18. Red Asoke

This couple really joined the trend with their red Asoke designed with golden material. The groom appeared in a short-sleeved danshiki and a matching cap of the same material. He accessorized his looks with a red coral bead, a walking stick, a black leather wristwatch, and shoes. Gold and silver accessories also look great with the color and style of the outfit.

The bride also came prepared in her intricate gown. The long gown was made into a V-neck with a long sleeve that ended in a funnel. The gown is made in two pieces from the waist down, with the outer art ending in a curve.

She spiced things up with orange coral beads, a set of gold jewelry, a matching gele, and a gold shoe. Her looks can also be accompanied by a hand fan or a red or golden handpiece.

19. Ivory and Blue Asoke Combo

The ivory and blue combo make up one of the best Yoruba traditional wedding attire that makes every couple look stunning. The groom is well-kitted in his short-sleeved agbada worn over a kaftan. He also matched it with a cap of the same material and a leather watch.

The bride stole the show with her matching blue Asoke gown. The gown is sown into a simple short sleeve, long gown and worn with a sky blue gele. She also spiced things up with the ivory-colored handpiece, combined with the blue color. The detailed gown was matched with an ivory set of jewelry.

20. Camel Color and Red Asoke

This color combination is one of the unique colors that are mostly found among fashionistas. The groom stepped out well dressed in his camel-colored agbada worn over a long-sleeved kaftan. He matched it with a red cap that is made of the same material as his wife’s outfit, a designer walking stick, and a red coral bead with a black shoe designed with brown suede.

The bride dazzles in her red-detailed Asoke with red coral beads, a set of silver jewelry, and a red handpiece. The gown is designed with lace and made into a sweetheart neck with lace running into a long sleeve. The gown flowed down in a curve, stopping at the foot. Silver or gold shoes look best with the gown.

21. All White Lace

No matter how bad the weather is, white is known to set a bright tone for the day. The groom took charge of the day with his white ankle length agbada worn over a kaftan of the same length. He added more savor with a white cap, red coral beads, sunshades, black bracelets, and a wristwatch. Black and navy blue suede or leather shoes can go with the outfit.

The bride is the belle of the ball with her stunning white long gown. The gown is made of lace and starts with an off-shoulder V neck that stops in an elaborate funnel sleeve. Her white gele, white handpiece, red coral beads, set of silver jewelry, and shiny navy blue pure complemented her attire. Red, silver, or navy blue shoes go best with the attire.

22. Royal Blue and Sky Blue Asoke

This combination is one of the best Yoruba traditional wedding attire that suits the introduction stage. The duo spiced up their sky blue with a navy blue color. The groom looks great in his short-sleeved long agbada that is made of Asoke. The agbada is well designed with embroidery and navy blue. To add more flavor, he wore a matching navy blue cap, red coral beads, and a walking stick.

The bride kept it classy, sassy, and simple with her navy blue Asoke gown combined with sky blue lace. The gown has a choker neck with lace material that ends in long simple funnel sleeves. The navy blue Asoke began at the bust area and flowed into a long gown. Simple earrings were used to accessorize the look with a matching navy blue shoe.

23. White and Multi-color Lace

This combination makes couples step out stunning. The groom looks cool in his white agbada, worn over a short-sleeved kaftan. He looks simple in his matching cap that has the same color as his bride’s material.

The bride took charge of the day with her multi-colored lace. Her outfit was made into a blouse that was worn over a two-piece wrapper. With a combination of colorful gele, handpiece, and dark green purse, she is no doubt exceptional. The outfit is best rocked with any color of purse or footwear from her outfit.

24. Navy Blue And Brown Asoke

Navy blue and brown make a perfect color combination for a Yoruba introduction. The groom stood out boldly in a navy blue and brown stripe while the bride stunned in all brown attire. The groom looks stunning in his short-sleeved agbada and kaftan paired with a matching cap, walking stick, and cream and light red-colored coral beads.

The bride made a bold statement in her all-brown attire, well designed with silver materials. Her gown was made with an illusion neck that ended in a funnel long sleeve. She is well adorned with cream and light red coral beads, a set of gold jewelry, a brown gele, and a gold purse. Other accessories like silver can go with this attire.

25. Black and Navy Blue Asoke

This shade of blue is perfect when paired with a darker color like black. The combination is one of the best Yoruba traditional attire that any couple that loves darker colors should try out. The groom looks fabulous in his black agbada, embroidered with navy blue material. To adorn his outfit, a matching black cap designed with navy blue, red coral beads, and a walking stick was added.

The bride matched things up with an all-navy blue outfit designed with gold and navy blue material. She added more style to her outfit with a navy blue gele, coral beads, a set of gold jewelry, a navy blue hand fan with a gold design, and a navy blue purse. She also matched her outfit with navy blue shoes.

26. Green and Multi-color Asoke

This intricate combination of green, white, orange, and ivory will surely drop jaws at the event. The groom is seen fully dressed in his simple yet classy embroidered agbada, accompanied by a designed cap of the same material. He completed his look with a set of coral beads.

The bride chose to keep it stunning with a blouse that ended in bold sleeves and a wrapper. Her wrapper is designed with multi-colored material and white embroidery. A matching gele, coral beads, and sets of silver jewelry were used to accessorize her attire.

27. White Kaftan and Multi-colored Lace

This simple yet neck-breaking attire is one of the best Yoruba traditional wedding attire that speaks volumes. The groom looks dashing in his white senator with gold accents. He also spiced up his outfit with a purple cap decorated with gold material, a money purse, gold necklace, and a wristwatch.

The bride matched her groom’s outfit with a flowered lace gown. The gown is made with one off-hand and an off-shoulder hand. It is matched with a purple gele and a set of gold jewelry.

28. Purple With Multi-color Asoke

This Asoke combination is one of the best Yoruba traditional wedding attire that will definitely steal the show. The groom spoke well of his culture with his well-designed agbada matched with a traditional cap. He also made his appearance spicier with his sunshades and coral beads.

The bride looked breathtaking in her long gown, made with a sweetheart neck that ended in loose long sleeves. A matching gele of the same outfit, a set of gold jewelry, and coral beads were used to adorn her looks.

29. Light Blue Agbada and Purple Lace

The rare color combination makes one of the best Yoruba traditional wedding attire. The groom rocked it better in his agbada, worn over a short-sleeved kaftan. He also matched things up with a purple cap that was the same color as that of his bride and a set of coral beads.

The bride, on her own part, took charge of the day with her long purple lace gown. The detailed gown is sown with one sleeve long and the other made into a short flower. She accessorized her look with a set of silver jewelry, coral beads, purple gele, a silver purse, a handpiece, and a purple hand fan.

30. Gold and Brown Combination

This color combination and style of outfit make the couple look like a perfect piece of art. The groom dropped jaws with his perfectly embroidered agbada worn over a long-sleeved kaftan. To match things up, he combined it with a brown traditional cap, a cream-colored coral bead, a walking stick, and a brown shoe.

The bride kept it sassy, classy, and sleek with her gold lace blouse and wrapper. Her blouse is made into a square neck that ends in a long sleeve and is worn with a wrapper of the same material. She also added more flavor to her look with a brown gele, a brown handpiece, a well-designed brown and gold-colored hand fan, a gold purse, and shoes.


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