Presidency In 2019: Igbos Must Resist Call For These Reasons


Following the call by ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo for the Igbos to produce a Presidential candidate in 2019, the Igbo Conscience Group (ITC) has charged the South-East people to decline any proposal for 2019 presidency.

According to the Chairman of the civil society organisation, Mr. Onyekachi Ubani, such call was capable of causing political miscalculation on the part of the region that may lead to misunderstanding with other parts of the country.

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Ubani insisted that unless there is a consensus from the people from the Northern and Western part of the country for 2019 presidency, then the Igbos should wait for 2023 before presenting candidates for the office. He added that the Ndigbo should avoid political miscalculation that happened in the past which brought former President Goodluck Jonathan.

“By now it would have come down to the south and a southerner would have taken over and maybe we can maintain some level of fragile peace.

“But we saw what happen for the six years that Jonathan was there. Now that crisis created is what President Muhammadu Buhari is also reaping from the south-south because the south-south people are blowing up the oil pipelines and all that.

“So anyone now encouraging Igbos to begin to fight for the presidency of this country in 2019 is clearly trying to encourage Igbos to enter into unnecessary conflicts and create more crises for the nation.

“Igbos should not in any way take that particular thing he has thrown at us because it may create crisis and create animosity for Igbos and even make Igbos not to have the opportunity of producing the presidency at the right time – in 2023.”

Chief Obasanjo had earlier told members of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Ogun Chapter on Tuesday, January 24, that the problem of marginalisation and justice has been a major source of conflict between ethnic and regional division, hence to need to extend the country’s leadership beyond certain circle of tribes.

However, mixed reactions had trailed the ex-president’s suggestion. There are those who commend him and there are others who have rejected the call.

Comments trooping in from citizens via Facebook indicates their lack of interests and enthusiasm toward the prospect of a 2019 presidency. Read their comments below.

Chima Amadi said:

“Every reasonable Igbo man is focused on the actualisation of BIAFRA now. You are just trying to create division on the Biafra course. We know you Baba Maradona! Keep your Igbo Presidency campaign. On Biafra we Stand.” 

Another Facebook user Collins Nwabeke interjected:

“This is another ploy to insult the Ibos’ by baba. Tomorrow if the government doesn’t favor him he will skim, plot, tear his clothe and membership card all just to put the same Ibo President away. What a shameless thought and game plan. Ibos’ may buy the idea if one naija is a reality but it’s not. One naija today because of election, after election hatred and killing upon killing continues.”

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Ejike Emmanuel believes this talk of 2019 presidency a cunning and deceptive ploy so that the Igbos will end the agitation of the Sovereign city of Biafra.

“OBJ has come again with his political cunning. All he wants is for the Biafrans to stop their agitation and believe Igbo man is going to emerge as the next president but when the time comes, he will turn his back against them the way he did to Goodluck Jonathan. Obasanjo knows very well that what IPOB is agitating for will soon become a reality and it doesn’t serve him and his counterparts’ right.”