MMM Nigeria Finally Allows Participants Withdraw 2016 Mavros, Awards Winners of Promo Task


After 3 months of re-opening and struggling to regain balance, MMM Nigeria has finally started paying its participants 2016 Mavros.

Initially, Mavros gained in 2017 were allowed to be withdrawn because the scheme was trying to build confidence with smaller donations and interests before 2016 Mavros, which continues to grow, will be paid.

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In a publication on the official website of the Ponzi scheme, a turn-by-turn method of receiving Mavros accumulated in 2016 has been introduced.

Participants are advised to visit their personal office regularly to know when it gets to their turn.

It reads:

“On a daily basis, MMM Nigeria’s members get paid for their Mavro acquired in the year of 2016. As the MMM Community is recovering in Nigeria and getting stronger, the amount of payments for Mavros-2016 is growing as well.

“We have compiled the folder with the screenshots of GH-requests for Mavro-2016. Spread these screenshots in the social networks and WhatsApp. It is really important!

“A special limit for Mavro-2016 payments has been introduced. This limit was determined in a such way that GHs for Mavro-2016 won’t create any additional burden on the Community and won’t affect its sustainability. According to this limit, members get a part of their Mavros-2016 every day.

“Members who can request help in Mavros-2016 are selected randomly. Therefore, if you want to withdraw your Mavros-2016, check your PO regularly. Your turn may come. Besides that, MMM is developing additional tools that will allow to intensify payments for Mavros-2016.

“The limits for Mavros-2016 depend on your activity. So, tell your friends and relatives about MMM, handle objections, spread positive information about the Community in the social networks and do PromoTasks.

“Together, we will reach our goal!

MMM Nigeria will overcome!”

Meanwhile, on the ongoing Promo Tasks Contest assigned to participants, which is done online and offline, МММ Nigeria congratulates the winners with cash prizes.

According to the report on the MMM website, many Nigerians participated in the Promo Tasks contest. However, after much review, a few participants who had accomplished the tasks in the most appropriate way taking into consideration all the requirements, were announced.

The first prize went to Mr. Peter Samuel and he was awarded the amount of N100,000. Abigun Olushola got the second prize in the amount of N70,000, while Abiodun Akinpelu got the third prize in the amount of N50,000.

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The site administration emphasized that participating and fulfilling the Promo Tasks is necessary not only for winning in the contest but also for the promotion of the MMM Community.

The goal of the MMM team is to sensitize people to spread the news about MMM, its idea, and values, and of course, the reality that the scheme is back, even though it’s still trying the waters with only the bold participants who still carry out transactions for the sake of their pending withdrawals.

All the same, congratulations to the winners!