20 Serious Struggles Faced By Women With Big Behind

A woman’s protruding backside is one of her most treasured physical endowments, which stands out as her selling point, for the very materialistic ones. Every girl wants to have a great behind that can attract males and intimidate females. Girls naturally feel good about their body when they are aware of its traffic-causing nature and can go to any length to have some flesh added to those vital parts – that’s how Shape You and its likes make millions everyday.

There is a kind of confidence ladies with big behind have. They know they’ve got the biggest booty on the street and gain popularity from that attached with signature names “The girl with big ass,” “Overloaded chick,” “Miss Endowed,” “Ukwu!” and so on. These girls don’t have to worry about sitting on hard chairs, because they have in-built padding. The best part is when they are showing off at a party; they flaunt it like no man’s business and it is usually an erotic scene seeing such ladies dance.

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However, nothing good comes easy, and big butts come with big responsibilities as well. Having a generous behind can either be a curse or a blessing, depending on the size and weight in relation to the owner’s BMI. Despite being envied by women with flat buttocks, women with big butts do face several hitches that sometimes encourages them to wish for a smaller butt. Doubt me? Read on to see challenges these ladies face.

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1. They Can Not Safely Store Things In Their Back Pocket

The back pocket is already full with flesh, anything else added to it might just not feel comfortable and may decide to get missing out of intimidation or suffocation.

2. Friends Would Try To Balance Drinks On Their Behind

Sometimes in the club, one or two people might jokingly use the big butt to balance a bottle of beer instead of using the table.

3. Guys Would Always Want Their Body Not Them

Men are usually aroused to a large extent by what they see, so for these women, they will encounter more men who want to have a taste of their body than the ones who really love them for real.

4. Everyone Expects Them to Be Twerk Experts

Having a big behind is not a guarantee that she can twerk. However, people just conclude that she would be very good at making use of her big butt, its quite a daring challenge.

5. They Can’t Comfortably Wear Spandex Shorts To The Gym

Except the ones that find pleasure in looking for trouble, seducing men, and causing accidents, a normal girl with a large ass would not normally want to show off all of her curvy body when exercising, thus she sports outfit has to be reasonably decent.

6. Seating Is a Struggle

These people take up seat space meant for two and in commercial buses it is often embarrassing when the bus conductor asks them to pay for two due to the space occupied. They also struggle with disappointment; imagine that after struggling to grab a bus home, you get stuck at the door just because your butt can’t fit through the door and you can’t leave it behind either. They even get stuck in a seat and sometimes need assistance to get up.

7. Men Would Want To Tap

It looks soft and fluffy and can be mistaken for a pillow when touched. Most men want to have a free experience of what it would be like to touch that butt. Don’t be surprised when walking on the street, a man might just walk close to the butt, tap quickly with his palm and zoom off. How embarrassing!


8. They Get Tan Lines From Their Own Behind

When naked, there is always a line beneath the protruded part of the bum, and these girls do not find it funny handling that.

9. People Ask To Know Their Secret

With the rise of butt massage creams and artificial butt, other ladies would always ask a big butt girl what her secret is. If its a squat routine, enlargement cream or just natural.

10. They Encounter Problems Going About With The Load

Whoever said “Ikebe no dey heavy the owner,” should rephrase that line. Big ass is an extra load to carry about and it slows down speed. For instance, they can not comfortably run up a hill without being pulled back by the weight of that part of themselves.