20 Kinds Of Women You Should Never Consider Marriage With

Marriage is a lifetime contract and should be carefully evaluated before signing the papers. Having a healthy relationship is not just about avoiding the wrong kind of person or finding the right kind of person – it’s a two-way thing. It is not always easy knowing who is best for you when you don’t know how s/he might turn out in the future. However, there are certain traits some women possess that gives them away in terms of their bad habits. Men also have some eccentric characteristics that make them not suitable for marriage but we are dealing with the ladies today. Here are some easy-to-perceive characters of some women and if you must marry them you should think it through thoroughly to avoid future hazards.

1. Control Freak

This is the wrongest person you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with. This woman is dominant and wants to have everything her way. She acts like a superior and makes most of the decisions in the relationship. She picks the movies, orders the meal even without your consent and solves all the puzzles. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder if you exist at all in the equation.

2. Materialistic/Money Freak

She is more like a subtle robbery, always demanding money for even the slightest thing. This kind of girl prefers fast food to home-made food because she probably does not know how to cook or does not want to be inconvenienced. She lets you fend for all her needs and does not support the relationship financially.

3. Girlie Lady

She still thinks she is 16 and expects everything to fall on her laps. She coaxes you into celebrating her birthday and makes sure all her friends are around to see how far her party beats theirs. She has lots of female besties and you just have to manage the little time she sneaks out for you from all her BFFs.

4. The User

No guy wants to come across this kind of girl. She actually wants to be with your best friend but sees you as the gate pass. She gets close to you, makes you fall for her and just when you feel like you’ve found the one, boom! She hitches on your friends and makes you history.

5. The Born Star

You are a big loser and she, the star. Marrying the most popular lady in town when you are not the most popular guy in town does not always turn out well. It’s sometimes good to boost your ego but it really bites. It’s her and her all the way. You have no identity whatsoever, and instead of being called Mr. Right, you are called Miss Right’s boyfriend.

6. Comparison Expert

She can not stay a day without talking about her ex and how he would have reacted to a situation at hand. You are trying to put forth your best foot out to prove you can be a great companion but she always thinks you don’t match up to her expectations.

7. The Insecure Woman

We all struggle with insecurities, but some people are more driven by it than others. But this lady would do anything to keep you or chase the other ladies away. This can come out in a variety of other ways if she is constantly talking negatively about herself or fishing for compliments or overly flirtatious to every guy she meets. She does all these things just to feel confident.

8. Miss Jealous

Jealousy is somehow related to being insecure but not all insecure women are jealous. Pretty miss jealous hates all your female friends and anyone who tries to cut into your time with her. She can go all the way to break your friendship with your friends so she can have you more to herself. She wants all the attention to herself and would not give you breathing space.

9. The One-Way-Street Woman

This woman thinks that somehow, relationships are all about her. She may even wrongly believe this is a “biblical” approach to relationships. In other words, she expects you to take on the sort of leadership role that leaves her without much of a role to play at all – or even an identity to call her own – the opposite of a born star. The sad part is that sometimes this mentality is wrongly perpetuated in some church circles, as the men are expected to be the “leaders” while the women are the “followers.”

10. Possessed Demon

This lady’s mood swings changes as fast as the clock’s hand stays on each time. She picks up a fight every time your female friend’s number starts flashing on your mobile. She keeps track of your call records and text messages to make sure you are not communicating with any other girl. She wouldn’t even introduce her best friends to you. She obviously has a familiar spirit.


11. Deceptive Look

What you see at night is not what you get in the morning. She looks as innocent as your niece’s Barbie doll and you think she is the most beautiful woman in Nigeria until you see her early in the morning. After all her body modification have been removed, the real person looks like a scarecrow. Don’t be deceived she will only look worse than that in a couple of months.

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12. Complaint Box

Everything is not just right, even if she can’t explain why she doesn’t like the way things are, she loves to hate you. She’s forever cribbing about how you are doing everything wrong. She finds fault with all that you have done and have no appreciation for anything you have done. What this does to you is way beyond making you lose your confidence and self-respect, it kills your ego in the long run if you marry her.

13. The Unconnected Woman

Every man needs a woman who will pour into them, as much as they pour into her, and no one wants a liability. This woman doesn’t really have a life outside of her romantic relationships. She never wants to spend time apart, and everything about her is about you. Run my dear for your dear life because she might end up strangling you with her choked up love.

14. Emotional Fool

You just met her and she is already talking about babies with you. Run, she wants to get hitched by all means. She’s very emotionally attached to you and cries at any slightest hurt coming from you. She traps you emotionally and there’s no way out after marriage, so the best thing is not to marry her instead.

15. Feminist

She was born to empower, enlighten and save women from the chauvinistic men on earth, including you. Her talks begin and end with ‘how all men are the same and how women are the better sex.’ This biased lady obviously has no respect for you even as her boyfriend or fiance. So to be on the safer side of the boat, It’s better not to marry someone who will put you under her feet.

16. Promiscuous Lover

This lady is a girl friend material by day and a call girl at night. She takes pride in double dating without letting any of the men know. She is not ashamed of the kind of life they live and their BBF definitely covers up for her so its hard to catch her cheating. Would you want a cheating girl for a wife?

17. The ‘You Complete Me’ Woman

This is the kind of woman who hasn’t really taken the time to know herself, her beliefs, or what she thinks. She feels with you her life is complete and every other thing will fall in place once she says ‘I Do’ to you. She’ll likely default to your preferences, your beliefs, your relationship with God and even your interests and friend groups. While this may seem to make life easy at first, the lack of mystery and depth will wear you down, because a healthy relationship involves two unique identities and by the time she begins to find her self later in life, you might not like the transformation in personality.

18. The Way Too Critical Woman (NAG)

I think this is the worst of all the women you could date. According to proverbs, a woman like this is like the sound of a leak dripping: constant, annoying and problematic. And just like a leak, this woman will drain you. She’ll leave you questioning your value, your significance and your worth. You’ll never feel appreciated under the constant cloud of criticism. And the worst part is that she doesn’t say her opinion in a quiet way, she repeats the same thing over and over again and sometimes in a loud voice.

19. The Wishy-Washy Woman

A woman like this will take your heart on quite a ride, because she doesn’t really know what she wants. One moment she’s into you, and the other moment she’s confused and wants to take a step back. This internal struggle is not going to be resolved any time soon, so do yourself a favor and find someone who’s just as into you as you are into them. Healthy relationships are marked by peace, not by constant doubt and later regrets.

20. The Micromanaging Woman

This one will try to control your entire life. She’ll have an opinion about how you should spend your money, chew your food, iron your clothes, and maybe even how you should change your personality. The thing about this woman is that she’s a control-freak but worse than the normal freaks you probably have met before. This habit takes a lot of time, introspection and work to outgrow. So step away from this relationship, and give her the time she needs to heal, to learn and to grow. Or marry her and stay doomed for the rest of your adult life.


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