20 Amazing Old-Fashioned Habits We Should Bring Back


Call it old school or old-fashioned; back in the 60s and 70s, life and livelihood was better in diverse ways. People loved more, cared more, shared more and behaved more like humans. Today, it’s totally different; the world is fast turning into something else, big thanks to technology and modernization. Our grand parents lived the real life, while we are living sort of the expired or remnant of life – LOL!

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Not matter how nice the world paints it, virtue is everything. There are several elements from the good old days that made life sincere and interesting. We don’t get to see and experience those things anymore and the earnest desires of some people are for these things to come back. If children of this generation have a feel of these habits and values on this list, the world would be a better habitat for all humans.

Below are Some Old-fashioned Habits we Miss:

1. Saying Good Morning In The Morning

Don’t roll your eyes yet, people still say good morning, good afternoon and evening these days, but only a few. Hi, Hey, What’s up and the rest of those young urban professional words are taking over the pleasant Good morning that was once a necessary ritual. Children even prefer to say “Hi mum,” than good afternoon mum, as though their mother was their classmate – We need this good habit reinforced.

2. Matching Coordinates for Women


Up and down, like Nigerians would call it, is getting out of vogue, except for the Yorubas who still wear Iro and Buba occasionally. There is something so spectacular about a monochromatic pantsuit set or a blue skirt and its matching blouse. Although some designers still make these patterns of clothes but only models sample them on the runway, is it that people are shy to look like images from 1970?

3. Courting And Betrothing 

Maybe we would have more successful marriages if couples knew themselves right from childhood. Parents used to betroth their child to another of a well-known and approved family, that way we didn’t used to have the issue of a parent not accepting a child’s spouse prior to marriage. Aside that, relationships of these nature in the past used to be guided by close relatives and most times survived due to adequate mentor-ship.

4. Sexy Was Synonymous To Decency

Miss Nigeria
Old-fashioned Miss Nigeria among other contestants at Miss Universe pageant 1964

In the early 60s, sexy didn’t mean showing all of the skin, it meant looking good and being modest. Even swimsuits were long sleeves and were worn with ankle length pantyhose. Today outing wears for most ladies are more covered than swimming trunks. We miss those well-covered ladies. #BringBackDecentDressing!

5. Coming to the Door to Pick Someone

Some many years back, if someone is coming to town from the village, the host goes all the way to the park to pick the person up, but now, a text message describing the house would do, and most times the visitor finds it difficult and stressful to locate his/her destination. Picking someone up shows you really welcome someone to your house, especially if the person is visiting from far or for the first time. Rather than wait for the person to show up in your sitting room, why not go and open the door and even gate.

6. Calling People on the Phone

A Quick Call

Text messaging is very convenient when it comes to making plans, but there’s an intimacy with a long phone call that you just don’t get from texts. Lovers and business colleagues still do  calls as lovers need to constantly invest in their relationship and colleagues need to keep in touch, thanks to free CUG. There are various ways to communicate, but there’s that extra element of hearing a person’s voice, it draws you closer to the person and makes the discussion so much better.

7. Dressing Up For A Trip 

Have you recently taken time to observe travelers, especially at the airport? People just wear anything for a trip. They even go as far as wearing pajamas to the airport in the name of looking simple and trendy. What’s trending about wearing house clothes in public and leaving rollers on the head outside the  confinements of your house? We really miss seeing people all dressed up for a trip as though they are going for a wedding reception.

8. Tie Tie Hair 


The arrival of synthetic and natural human hair marked the death of African hair styles. Chuku, sun gaps, tie tie, etc were the trendy hairstyles up until the early 90s when sophisticated hairstyles started showing up. Although these styles were more painful to make, they were very good at growing the hair. In recent times, any lady seen wearing an old-fashioned hair style is seen as back-dated but then Nigerian Men Still Love To See These Gorgeous Hairstyles on Their Women. They are cheaper to make, easy to maintain and lasts longer.

9. Asking someone Out Instead of Just Hanging Out

When a man has the intention to marry a woman, he makes it clear and even meets her parents before approaching the woman. That was how it was done in the good old days. Today it’s rampant for a guy who wants to ask someone out to say “Let’s just hang out” instead of him stating his intention in plain simple language. This is why there are lots of relationship problems these days, people keep making assumptions about a relationship, not knowing if they are dating or just hanging out. And when one person disappoints the other, it becomes an issue of heart-break.

10. Normal Dances: Not Whining, Grinding or Twerking


Whatever happened to dancing for the sake of dancing, sweating and having fun, and not inducing sexual thoughts in the minds of onlookers? Dance these days is all about shaking what ya mama gave to you, and for the unlucky ones who got nothing from their mother, they shake the bones that Jesus gave them. Let’s not even go to the art of slow dancing – that one has generally been lost due to lack of slow music to dance to. We miss dancing under the disco light to Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Osondi Owendi.

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