17-Year-Old Boy Attempts Suicide Over Stolen Phone And Money


The Rapid Response Squad unit of the Lagos State Police Command came to the rescue of a year 17-year-old boy named Lanre, who would have  dived  into the Lagos lagoon in a suicide attempt. It was gathered that Lanre wanted to kill himself after being robbed by a group of hoodlums, who collected his phone and N6,000 belonging to his mother. Lanre who explained his reason for attempting suicide said he couldn’t summon the courage to go back home to tell his  mother  that he  lost the money.

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The RRS agents who grabbed the teenager by the leg just as he was about falling into the lagoon said it was the fear of reporting that he had lost the money that prompted him to attempt suicide. The RRS Commander Mr. Olatunji Disu, explaining how he was rescued said, some RRS men were on a regular patrol of the Third Mainland Bridge when a roving mechanic drew their attention to a lone teenager standing by the edge of the bridge and looking into the Lagoon curiously.

On getting to the scene, he was seen standing on the crash barrier, ready to dive into the Lagoon. But before he could jump, he was held by the RRS officials and taken to the RRS headquarters. The  mother of the boy who was summoned to the police station after the incident said he is a Sickle Cell Anaemia patient who has been living without any crises.

“He has just finished his secondary school. I don’t know why he wanted to commit suicide. He is a sickle cell anemia patient, but he has never been admitted in a hospital before. If I don’t tell you, you won’t know. He is athletic and doing just fine. His father has traveled overseas and re-married. We are doing fine with our lives” she said.

She expressed her gratitude to the police through whose diligent the tragedy was averted and her son is safely reunited with his family.

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