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Back in the days, the cost of living in Nigeria was low and affordable. Nigerians could make a delicious pot of soup with just two hundred naira, and a gift of fifty naira to a child then seemed like five thousand naira. But today, the price of food and other items are on the rise and the lower naira currency are becoming redundant because it cannot afford anything reasonable in the market.

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However, it is not as bad as we think. N5, N10 and N20 may not be that significant but N50 naira still has a lot of value in Nigeria and can be used in exchange of some useful and significant items and services in the country. So the next time you find any of the low denomination notes in your wallet, don’t disrespect it because you never can tell when you’ll be needing it to survive. Take a quick look through this list of fifteen things you can afford within the borders of Nigeria, with N50 or less.

1. Noodles


Noodles are cheap and easy to prepare. It is one of the most consumed foods in Nigeria. A small pack of noodles goes for about N35 while the big pack is sold for N50 each. With just N50 you are sure to have a good simple meal of spiral pasta.

2. Water

pure water

Water is one of the cheapest commodity in Nigeria, although not the most abundant. With N5 or N10, depending on the state, you can buy sachet water to quench your thirst. Bucket water is sold between N10 to N50, and with N50 you can afford a bottle of chilled water anywhere in the country.

3. Stationary

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Stationary ranging from pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener and exercise books can be gotten with N50. Basic pens go for N20, pencils N10 and with N50 you can buy a 60 leave exercise book.

4. Garri


A cup of garri is standard – N50 naira everywhere you go. But in some places, vendors tie smaller quantities of garri in packs of N10 and N20. These smaller packs are usually sieved and are sold to people who want to have the Nigerian basic snack – garri soaked in water with sugar, milk and fried groundnut.

5. Sausage Roll (Gala)


With N50 you can get satisfied with a bar of sausage roll. They are of different brands and are sold in traffic and road side stores.

6. Hand Kerchief


Every Average Nigerian owns at least one handkerchief. It is essential to keep sweat off the face and to clean and dust seats before sitting. Handkerchiefs sell for N50 flat, except for some rare designer brands.

7. Groundnut


Fried groundnut goes with a lot of carbohydrate meals which include: Corn, bread, and garri among others. Vendor sell wraps of N10, N20, and N50, but it is advisable to go for the N50 wraps so you don’t get disappointed at the small number of groundnut seeds in a N10 wrap.

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