15 Negative Habits You Must Drop In 2018

When we talk about negative habits, we are referring to those ill manners or bad behavioural pattern you have. Some of them include: procrastination, overspending, nail-biting and spending too much time watching television or using a computer.

It’s that time of the year for sober reflection and the moment of assessment. As we prepare to enter into a new year, you should make out time to look inwardly within you to find out those negative habits you must drop this year in order to better your life in the new year and beyond.

Truth be told, a greater percentage of your dreams and goals are dependent on your attitude towards achieving them. Negative habits can be a hindrance to success.

Here is a list of negative habits that you should change immediately if you discover you possess any of them.

15 Negative Habits You Must Drop In 2018

1. Never Accepting Criticisms

Everyone is prone to all sorts of criticisms from anywhere including friends and their colleagues or even higher officials. It is very natural to feel bad when receiving negative comments. But this does not mean negative feedback cannot be accepted. One of the most common negative attitudes is to oppose or fight back when you do not receive good criticisms.

Showing attitude or retaliating on negative comments is not a good way to show opposition. Try to focus on what their criticisms are and learn to work to improve yourself in that regards.

2. Inferiority Complex

When you are given a simple task and you feel you are not competent enough to handle it, then you are suffering from Inferiority complex. It’s a feeling, not a disease. Many people do this unconsciously even with the simplest things. It can be as a result of overcompensation of others achievements over yours, but some others do it with the fear of being called a failure or being blamed for a mistake.

It’s time to let it go. You have to start paying attention to yourself. Get a pen and a paper, list down your strengths and your weaknesses. try to focus more on your strengths and also work on improving your weaknesses. Doing so will help improve your personal image and boost your confidence.

3. Not Being Appreciative of Good Works

There are times when people around us might do something they considered as to the best of their ability. At that times, there are few people who do not appreciate others good work or compliment the achievements of people around them no matter how small they might seem.

This is one of the worst negative habits which ruins an individual’s character completely and it can kill the person’s zeal subsequently. Appreciating people’s work or encouraging them is very important, so as to enable them to do more.

Always try to understand the people around you, knowing that everyone doesn’t have the same potential. But surely, he that makes an effort needs to be applauded.

4. Manner of Approach

How do you approach people, situations or issues? Are you considered as a snub or saucy? Then this point is definitely for you. One of the keys to success is the approach we use in working towards achieving our goals. If you have the right attitude towards people, then you would also have same for your personal goals.

Always try to think things through before taking action. The approach you give to people or your goals will determine how successful you will be in the end.

5. Exaggerating Peoples Mistakes

One of the most common negative habit found in most people is exaggerating others mistakes which is not a very decent attitude. It is very natural for someone to make a mistake but always referring to their mistakes is never good.

There are people who try to ruin other peoples career by highlighting the mistakes committed by them. Yes, it is not bad to make them understand their mistakes but try to help them recover from it, instead of spreading it and making them think less of themselves.

6. Wasteful or Lavish Lifestyle

When you spend a lot of money on things that are not actually meaningful example buying both what you need and what you don’t need. Living a luxury life is good but whoever wastes money because it is available will hardly save up for the rainy days. It will be wise to cut down on some of the things you buy and make plans for the future. Also, try to embrace wise spending for maximum benefit. Make it a point of duty to save and also invest wisely.

7. Being Egocentric

Ego is something everybody has but some people allow their ego to take better advantage of them. Those who take pride in themselves and thinks less of others never go far in life. Try to think of others and not just yourself. Remember, being self-centered is a bad attitude one should try to avoid because it can lead to massive failure.

8. Arrogance

This is simply the act of being arrogant. If you want to go far in life try to be humble. Being arrogant will always put you on the spot so try to avoid it and simply decide to become a lifelong learner, learn to share your knowledge with others. It will not only make you better but it will give room for you to affect the lives of people around you.

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9. Improper Time Management

How well do you manage your time? Are you one of those that derive joy in procrastination? If so, then you have got a serious work to do here.

Many of us know that we could be managing our time more effectively because it can help you to identify the mistakes that you’re making and know how you could improve.

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If you think you can’t do much in managing your time, then you might have to do the following: draw out a to-do list, set goals for yourself, try to tackle your activities in the order of priorities and finally, learn to manage distractions with these you can be an effective time manager.

10. Procrastination

Too much procrastination leads to improper time management and procrastination has hindered many people from achieving their set goals. Better imagined than said. If you learn to stick to your plan then you will succeed in eliminating those negative habits as soon as possible.

For you to stop procrastination, you must change your lifestyle and try to surround yourself with people that inspire you to take action. Draw out your goals according to the order of their priorities and attach a deadline to each. Share your goals and constantly remind yourself the time set for it to be achieved, that would help you to remain focused.

11. Blaming Others For Your Failure

For someone to commit a mistake, it’s normal. Even you as a person, you may as well fail in your dreams…who would you blame for it? There are few people who either get scared to take the ownership of committing a mistake or in a wanted way escapes from accepting the committed mistake. This type of attitude is not healthy and can create fear within you.

You must learn to realize that failure isn’t an end but an opportunity to try again. Rather than blaming people around you, the government, or your boss, etc. It’s high time you started creating room for failure. It’s not every situation in life that is a WIN-WIN, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Try to embrace life the way you see it because it is a continuous process. Instead of wasting your precious time blaming others, try to create better opportunities for yourself. Remember when one door closes, another opens.  Taking ownership is a must either in positive or negative circumstances. And it is a very negative attitude to avoid accepting failures.

12. Showing Disrespect To Other Peoples Emotions

Every single person might have a different lifestyle or various personal opinion on many issues. One of the most disturbing negative attitudes is to show disrespect to others opinion. For example, in an office where thousands of people work together, few employees might feel like taking a break from work or might have some personal emergencies and in such cases, there are few senior employees who do not respect or appreciate their team member’s decision.

They either try to neglect or make fun of their team member’s emotions in a very harsh way. This kind of negative habits is commonly found among the employers.

You should always consider the people around you and try to understand them because you might not know what they are passing through in such situations.

13. Regarding People’s Opinion about Your Life

Why should you worry about what other people think of you?Other people’s negative opinions are likely reflecting their own limiting beliefs about life.

Develop the skill to recognize and ignore people’s opinion. You don’t have to disagree with them on the spot if it doesn’t feel comfortable just yet. It’s not every word said that you should act upon. When there are many words said, try to pick the right one that will add value to your life and disregard the rest.

14. Inability To Save

If you are a bad saver, then this is for you. Bad savers are often procrastinators, so they continuously tell themselves they’ll save later. To take the pressure off, you can solve this by setting up automatic withdrawals each month. This gives you no choice but to save, so you can stop making excuses to put it off again and again. You can also have a separate bank account opened but the account should not be easily accessible so that you can achieve this aim.

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15. Always Having Negative Mindset Towards Others

The habit of thinking negatively doesn’t just predict how likely someone is to become depressed, but also predicts how likely they are to suffer all kinds of other illnesses later on in their life as well.

Being positive is a choice you have to make, you can choose to see things in the positive direction despite others seeing it from the opposite direction. Try to see the good in people rather than having a bad notion about people based on their actions or reactions sometimes in life.


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