These Questions Nigerian Parents Ask Will Annoy You


Living with one’s parents comes with dealing with some rules and regulations, a lot of which are very annoying. Dos and Don’ts everywhere: Don’t collect meat from the pot, don’t take money from my purse, don’t poo without flushing the toilet, don’t go to our neighbors house, don’t do this, don’t do that. *Sighs*

A lot of us, who grew up with Nigerian parents, can relate to this, especially the rule of not visiting a neighbor or friend. Our parents never gave us reasons why we should not visit such people, yet they wanted us to adhere to their warnings. Back then, those restrictions caused some children and teenagers a lot of pains, but as adults, reminiscing on them now brings old memories that makes one laugh at how parents, especially the mums, question their children whenever they say they want to visit a friend in their house.

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Parents be like .  .  .

1. “What are you going there to do?” Like seriously, what else if not to see them, play and eat food.

2.“Don’t you have your own house?”

3. “Can’t they visit you?”

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4. “Do you want to go and eat their food?”

5. “How many times have they come here?”


6. “What are they studying?”

7. “Do we know them?”

8. “Where do they stay?”

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9. “Are they in your school?”

10. “Who are their parents?”

11. “Where are they from?”

12. “Why can’t they come here?

Oya let’s go home

13. “What do their parents do?”

14. “Are they born again?”

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15. “Which church do they attend?”

16. “Do they have more money than us?”

17. “When do you want to go?”

18. “What time are you coming back?”

Most times, after this kind of interrogatory questions, a normal child would loose appetite for the visit, play and food. However, some considerate parents, haven obtained satisfying answers, will definitely allow the child go. Naija parents, we hail thee!