12 Nigerian Artistes Who Are One-Hit Wonders


Music is timeless and so should its conveyors be. Every now and then new Nigerian artistes pop up with beautiful songs, after a while some of the songs fade away and so do the singer. Funnily, there are some Nigerian artistes that are one-hit wonders. They made one song which catapulted them into fame, after-which they haven’t been able to find that killer-tune again.

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A popular adage says “No king rules forever,” even in the music world. This article features some very talented Nigerian artistes who were on point with their tracks like they were born to reign, but after a one-hit tenure still struggle to produce another hit track. It’s not like these singers have only one song, they have released several others but are yet to make another viral song that would outshine the major hit, thus the name “One-hit wonders.” Check out the list below to see if your favorite one-hit wonder made it.

1. Frank D’nero

Nigerian Artistes - Frank D'nero

Mr. Frank D’nero (Higgwe) made a big hit straight from the city of Port-Harcourt in 2008 with “Cure My Craze” (Kwodom). The music producer-turned-singer released his debut album Kalangolo, which also doubles as a song title in the album, and since then even after releasing so many other singles, none beats “Kwodom.”

2. Sky B

Sky B

In 2007, Portharcourt based Nigerian Hip hop artiste, Sky B made name for himself with his debut album “Pray For Me.” The album should over 1 million copies because of one hit track titled “Am calling” AKA My Bebe. Since then Sky B is yet to create another hit song.

3. Jodie

Nigerian Artistes - Jodie

Jodie is known for her single release “Oh Baby” (Kuchi Kuchi) which hit the music scene in 2010. Her other singles, African woman and Under The Mango Tree was released afterwards but they didn’t go as far as Kuchi Kuchi.

4. Lynxxx

Nigerian Artistes - Lynxxx

Fine Lady was released by Mr Utunu in 2012 and we are still waiting for something like that cos Fine Lady was one hell of a fine club banger.

5. Soul E

Nigerian Artistes - Soul E

Soul E Baba Dey Here by Soul E was a big hit in 2006, but after 10 years of trying, the singer still can not beat his own record.

6. Bigiano

Nigerian Artistes - Bigiano

Shayo made Bigiano big in 2008 as no DJ dares display in a club or happening party with playing Shayo the party hit. Other songs have been released after that but none is as popular as the former.