11-Month Old Baby Kidnapped And Raped For Hours


It remains a mystery what kind of pleasure a man would derive from sleeping with a premature female; an 11-Month old!

A 36-year-old pedophile of a neighbor abducted an 11-Month old infant, while her  mother was asleep in a temporary house at a police housing complex in Delhi India.

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The report revealed that the man took the baby into in a bush within the area and had carnal knowledge of her for two straight hours, after which he abandoned her there to die.

Fortunately, the baby was found by policemen hours after the incident on Friday 2nd. She was unconscious, however, still alive.

The baby was immediately rushed to the intensive care unit at Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital where she is currently receiving treatment.

One of the officials who is in charge of her case spoke about her condition as critical, and also how they were able to arrest the man responsible.

“The girl was bleeding profusely,” he said. “Doctors at the hospital have said that her condition is serious. The police team was helped by the recovery of the mobile phone to track the location of the accused. We traced him to the labour camp.”

Another official, this time, of the police, told Times of India that the suspect has been charged with rape and is currently being held at Tihar Jail.

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While the doctors and police are doing their best to stabilize the child’s health, her father says he is horrified at his daughter’s condition. According to him, her clothes were torn and she had nail marks all over her body and those severe injuries could have a lifelong impact on her health.

What do you think is the best punishment for this 36-year old who did not just defile an 11-month old child but also hurt her and broke the heart of her family members?