10 Things You Should Never Joke About


Cracking jokes and making fool off people can be really fun when they love it and laugh at it. However, there should be a limit to it. It is not wise to joke about every silly thing that comes to mind, as it may turn out to be more of an insult to the recipient, or an irresponsible act at the long run.

With Fool’s Day recently celebrated, some people would have gone extra miles to prank a friend. Some may still have the urge to pull off some more pranks. But hey, no more jokes! The following things below are very sensitive and should not be joked about, whether on 1st April or any other day.

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1. Death: No death pranks, because it’s really not funny to make up the death of someone. It may lead to tension from loved ones and may surprisingly serve as a prediction for eventual future death.

2. Fat People: Making fun of fat people is quite rude. They already find difficulties moving themself around. Laughing at them will only add to their predicament.

3. Fake Proposals: That’s just mean. Any guy who pranks his girlfriend with an empty box containing no ring in the guise of a joke should be flogged with NEPA wire.

4. Fake Declaration of Love: These days people often misuse the three word sentence, thinking they are just playing. When you say “I Love You” to someone and don’t mean it, the person may end up hating you forever when the truth is unraveled.

5. Poor People: No one decides to be poor, only circumstances chooses that on their behalf. So if you are well to do and think you can talk down on people who do not have enough, you should be ashamed of your status.

6. Food Pranks: Allergic reactions, when severe, can cause death.

So the next time you want to add something to someone’s food in the name of a prank, think twice.

7. Rough Plays: Not everyone has a heart that is 100% functional. Jokes like pulling the fire alarm at work or in public might just make someone’s heart stop. Caution!

8. Short People: You can laugh at midgets, if you created yourself.

9. Pregnancy Stunt: Most girls are guilty of this expensive joke, telling their boyfriend they are pregnant just to see his reaction. Don’t feel bad if he drops dead on hearing such unexpected news from you.

10. Disabled People: For real! Who does that? Are you God?

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