10 Things You Must Never Do on Twitter

Social media has taken the world by storm; it has become so commonplace that sometimes we even forget it’s a whole different world. You’ve seen updates on Facebook that were intended for close friends but “unfortunately” found their way to the entire world. You’ve seen pins on Pinterest that are fit for adult magazines, but because you can no longer control them once they are on social media, they often end up as wallpapers on thousands of kids laptops. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, probably only second to Facebook. It’s such a nice place – you get to meet new people, share jokes, learn about new happenings, chat, and so much more. In fact, if you’re not yet on twitter then you’re missing out on some serious fun!

But how do you ensure that the evils of Twitter don’t follow you into your house? Here are 10 things you must not do on twitter if you want to live a happy life both on and away from social media.


1. Never say “My job sucks!”

Your job might suck and your boss might indeed be the biggest idiot you’ve ever met; but with the high levels of unemployment, criticizing your job and your boss openly on social media is the last thing you want to do. It can’t be long before they know about your dissatisfaction with the job or a lack of appreciation for it and when this happens, you’ll be a dead man walking.

my job sucks

2. Don’t drink your way into social media

If you drink, then your friends probably already know about it; if they don’t, let it rest that way. Remember you still have a reputation to protect. Even if you had the craziest party of your life and think you should let your following know about it, never upload pictures of a completely drowned you.

3. Politics is good but practice restraint

If you feel the last elections were unfair, Twitter is not the place to let people know about your frustrations. It will start off with a good number supporting your ideas but down the line, you’re bound to come across strong criticism and that’s where you may lose control and embarrass yourself badly. Don’t forget that you are likely to make a few enemies in the process.

4. Don’t post pictures of others without their permission

If you have to post pictures of kids at a party, inform their parents about it first. And before you post pictures of a drowsy friend, let them know about it.

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5. If you have nothing to post, get some sleep

Don’t waste other people’s time with trivia. If you’re always saying nothing important, people will quickly learn to stay away from you. Posting useless things also damage your image. You’ve seen these people who update their profiles with phrases such as “I am Illuminati” which might appear funny initially until your close friends start avoiding you.

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6. You don’t have to boast

So you got a promotion and would like your friends to know about it? Well, that’s good because people only get promoted because their efforts are appreciated. But do you use that opportunity to say how the others were unqualified for the position?

7. Don’t be a pest

Everyone will need a favour at some point; it’s just natural. You may be looking for votes for a certain competition and normally your following will support you without question. But surely, you can’t always be the one who is helped.

8. No strong arguments, please

It’s okay to take a position regarding an issue, and even fine to let others know about your feelings. But if you feel – and you should be able to tell – that an argument is becoming too hot, back off and don’t look back.

9. Don’t take it too personally

It’s still the internet, if you think you can get away with spreading inappropriate gossip about a boyfriend who abandoned you, you’re playing with fire.

10. You can’t always be online

Unless you want people to think of you as an idler, you have to start controlling how often you check on twitter. Updating your profile ten times in a day is not fun, it shows you don’t have much else to do.



While social media was a great invention, you can’t deny that it has also caused some serious damage. People have lost jobs, marriages and relationships have been broken, and it has played a huge role in exposing kids to improper scenes. You don’t want to be part of the sad story.

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