10 Sure Signs You’re With a Nigerian

Nigeria is a West African nation located in equatorial West Africa. Not only the most populous country in Africa, it also boasts of immense oil wealth which greatly contributes to its GDP making it one of the wealthiest nations in Africa. Having over 500 ethnic groups, it boasts of a rich cultural heritage and is one of the best countries for cultural tourism in Africa. There are certain habits only peculiar to Nigerians that make them stand out. If you are a Nigerian citizen, you will most certainly relate to the 10 sure signs you are a Nigerian, what makes you a Nigerian? How can you identify a Nigerian man or a Nigerian woman?


First among the 10 sure signs you’re with a Nigerian is flamboyance. For Nigerians, flamboyance comes naturally. Nigerians are known to be showy and dashing in a self-satisfied kind of way. Right from their dressing to their taste in life, they think big, want big and act big. It is not uncommon to find someone living in a tiny apartment but owning one of the largest home theatre systems you’ve ever seen. They also dress stand out with golden chains and bizarre hairstyles. So if you look back at some of your old photos and you wonder why you used to dress like a Congolese musician don’t worry, you are a Nigerian.


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Pidgin English

Pidgin English also features prominently in the 10 sure signs you are talking to a Nigerian. A mixture of mispronounced English words and the local dialects, Pidgin English usually sounds like a broken country music record to foreigners and is full of exclamations. This form of English does not quite fit in the category of languages and can be better classified as an art form because only a true Nigerian could understand let alone speak it.

Their dream car is from Europe

A second-hand vehicle from Japan? no, not a Nigerian. Due to their flamboyant nature, most Nigerians relate to the better things in life for instance, a Mercedes-Benz compressor from Germany. So if you are a Nigerian and your dream car is a Toyota, there is something wrong somewhere.

mercedes benz compressor

Pepper soup

Pepper soup is one of the popular delicacies in Nigeria. Be it chicken or bitter herbs, pepper soup must be produced from such because a stomach is not full until some amount of pepper is in it, however meager.

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The person next to you is most likely plump and stocky

Most individuals in Nigeria are usually of average height and are quite plump. So if you are in a group and you do not spot a plumb and stocky character, then you are the one except, you are not in Nigeria.

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Wet paint! let me confirm

Nigerians are naturally curious and placing a ‘wet paint’ post on a wall will give you amazing results. A typical Nigerian will be busy walking by but on spotting the ‘wet paint’ post he will come to a grinding halt, touch the recently painted wall, loudly exclaim and walk on while grinding his fingers together.

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Talking loudly

Nigerians are best known for their loud voices. If you are a visitor to Nigeria, you would most likely think that people are arguing while in real sense they are just discussing local issues. This is one of the sure signs you are in Nigeria.

talking loud - Signs You're a Nigerian

There must be a fan in the house

Nigeria is known for its hot and humid climate. As such, walking around during the day can be quite discomforting mostly due to the intense heat and the incessant sweating due to hot and humid conditions. The situation is further aggravated if one is inside a closed building. It is therefore not a surprise that most households own a fan or two for air conditioning purposes. So if you own a fan or know more than ten people who own fans, then you are most likely a Nigerian.


Most Nigerians are high-spirited and find it hard to control their emotions. As such, if you find that you have an uncanny liking for arguments or have been in more than 2 arguments within a month, you are a product of Nigeria.

They resort to Pidgin English or their mother tongue when angry

If Pidgin English or your mother tongue is your language of choice when under pressure, angry or in an argument, then there is no doubt about it, you are a Nigerian.


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