10 Signs That Giveaway Children With An Old Soul In A Young Body


The best part of getting married is giving birth and watching your tiny child grow into adulthood. As a baby, everything about a child is new; new bright eyes, new heart, new organs and a new soul inside a new body. But sometimes children display a variety of unusual traits that disqualify them as children. They say scary things from the past as though they were there, they even get offended when you call them a child, they prefer you treat them as adults. There is something out of place with such a children.

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In Nigeria, such behaviors are easily dismissed and the child is said to have been reincarnated. Instead of being simple as a child should, the child is perceptive and complex. Instead of being naive and spontaneous, the child is sensible and all-knowing, instead of being forgiving and young at heart, the child finds it hard to forgive. These might be signs that this child has the soul of an adult. Let’s read about more of these disturbing signs that kids with old souls portray.

1. They Look & Act Weird


You might not be able to place a finger on it, but you must have observed that something is not right about your child. The child looks different from anyone in the family. s/he does things that shock you and you just cant find any other word to describe that child but “otherworldly.” Fact is they just don’t seem to be from this world, but are trying to cope.

2. They Are Underachievers or Overachievers

This is largely dependent on the temperament of the child, if they are more emotional and creative, they will be very hard-working in school as a way to please you. But if the child is more logical, s/he will often rebel against the school system, sensing the flaws and limitations of such a system they are forced to be a part of.

3. They Like To Be Alone

Sad and depressed boy

Old soul children will often spend time alone despite their well-developed social skills from the world before. This is not because the child is anxious or depressive, but simply because they are comfortable in the company of their peers. They enjoy segregating themselves and do not depend on anyone else to make them happy.

4. They Are Very Inquisitive

These kind of children want to know everything. They are always asking questions about things that are supposedly bigger than their mind capacity, seeking to perpetually build on their knowledge and wisdom from a young age. If your child is an Old Soul, they can often be found reading books, exploring the world, experimenting and asking surprising questions.

5. They Can Relate With Older People 


Children with Old Soul are attracted to older people, they feel more comfortable spending time with older people than with their peers. For example, at school they usually tend to be friend the teachers, and in the family social life, they tend to enjoy talking to older people (e.g. grandparents, adult friends, retirees). This is because psychologically, they are on the same level.

6. They Are Responsible & Independent

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the Old Soul child is that they are unusually stable and reliable. For this reason, many parents who have Old Soul children often find themselves leaning on them for support, advice and assistance. While the good-natured Old Soul child is happy to help whenever needed, eventually, if they are given too many responsibilities or depended on too heavily, the child then seeks distance and freedom.

7. They Are Pensive


While the other kids love to go out, meet other kids and play together, an old soul child is always on low-key. S/he seems to withdraw from all the activities children partake in. Sometimes they even contemplate their status and question why those other kids act like kids.This kind of children are usually in a pensive state and are quiet, observing a lot and meditating at regular intervals also.

8. They Sound Old & Mature

Sometimes, an old soul child says something witty and out of the blues. They sound wise, groomed and knowledgeable. The best way to describe your child’s wisdom beyond years is that they sound like a “little old man or woman” unexpectedly giving advice and counsel to people way older than them.

9. They Are Stubborn


An old soul child finds it hard to rake orders from elders. They rebel against their seniors and teachers in school, and they have a way to manipulating their parents to do only what they say. They are highly intelligent and are not easily controlled like other normal children are. They feel equal to their adult peers and do not see reasons why they should be scolded or punished by adults.

10. They Don’t Fit In With Their Age Mates

Young children with old soul usually make attempts to blend in with children in their age group, but it doesn’t always turn out well. They are laughed at by their peers and this leads to gradual loss of interest in interacting with their age mates. Sometimes this can result in being bullied and picked on, especially in school, and so they live their childhood and pubescent years as outcasts. But here is nothing to worry about if your child exhibits these traits mentioned in this article. Having an old soul makes them special and smarter kids. They tend to be focused on building their lives and most times turn out to be successful at the long run.

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