10 Differences Between Successful And Unsuccessful People


The differences between successful people and the unsuccessful is simply in their behavior and attitude towards things: business, people and themselves. An excellent behavior and attitude (which can be acquired through practice) towards that which one wishes to achieve makes a lot of difference.

On Business Insider, Mike Nudelman, Jacquelyn Smith and Shana Lebowitz have listed a proper description of what makes successful and unsuccessful people so different.

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According to them, there are a lot of things that set successful people apart from their unsuccessful counterparts, as described below:

Ten Compiled Differences Between Successful People VS Unsuccessful People

 #1. Successful People Embrace Change VS Unsuccessful People Fear Change

With the world moving so fast and the technological rapid advancements, it’s imperative for people to embrace these changes and adapt, rather than fear them, deny or hide from them. Successful people are able to do that.

#2. Successful People Talk About Ideas VS The Unsuccessful Talks About People

Exchanging ideas is an ideal characteristics of successful people because it allow them to learn and grow, while unsuccessful people waste precious time discussing either other peoples success or failure – which gets them nowhere.

#3. Successful People Takes Responsibility For Failure VS Unsuccessful People Blame Others

None of the above is immune to failure both in life and in career, but instead of blaming others successful people accepts failure as a challenge to tackle and overcome.

#4. Successful People Wants Others To Succeed VS Unsuccessful People Secretly Hope Others Fail

You can’t be Successful if you’re on the losing team. That’s why the most successful people don’t wish for the demise of others; they want to see their co-workers succeed and grow.

#5. Successful People Go For What They Want VS Unsuccessful People Fear Rejection

Don’t let the possibility of rejection cripple you from asking and being clear about what you want. If you want to be successful, your mantra should be: “Embrace the fear of ‘no’ and ask for ‘yes’

#6. Successful People Ask How They Can Help Others VS Unsuccessful People Asks How They Can Help Themselves

Better to ask “How can I help you” rather than “How can you help me”. Simply offering your assistance makes people feel warmer towards you, and makes them more inclined to help you when you need it.

#7. Successful People Gives Credit Where It’s Deserve VS Unsuccessful People Takes All The Credit From Others

Successful people rarely talks about their success without acknowledging the efforts others contributed. Letting other people have their moments to shine motivates them to work harder, and, consequently makes you look better as a leader or teammate.

#8. Successful People Always Listen VS Unsuccessful People Talks To Much

Listening (which is usually underrated) is one of the most important attributes of successful people, especially in business, social media and life in general. The less we talk, the easier it is to persuade other people to like our idea – and like us.

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#9. Successful People Understands Themselves VS Unsuccessful People Don’t Care About Introspection

Self cognition is what make successful people excel in the world. You should understand your unconscious motivations, what shifts your mood and how your best interact with others.

#10. Successful People Have Positive Attitude VS Unsuccessful People Get Negative Too Often

Positive attitude is very contagious, especially when it comes from a leader. If you exude positive attitude, you will attract followers who would want to be and feel like you.

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