Bobrisky: Nigeria’s Snapchat Male Barbie, Receives the Hard Truth From a Social Critic


Some Nigerians have no chill and that refers to both Bobrisky and his Critic. Following an interview of the Male cum female, Bobrisky, who’s taking over Snapchat with his obsessive top-notch look, a Nigerian writer, Adeyinka Mayowa, dished out some heavy words of disdain and advice for the young lad.

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Thenetng granted Bobrisky an exclusive interview, one of his first few interviews since he became popular. Unfortunately, the male barbie blabbed all through the interview, with nothing much to say.

A container without content, as Adeyinka Mayowa’s words suggests, Bobrisky is just one of those lucky people who arrived fame un-equipped.


This is what Adeyinka Mayowa has to say about the beauty without brains.

“If you are an active social user, you should be familiar with Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju profoundly called ‘Bobrisky’. If you are not, you’d get to know a little about him.  

“Liking someone’s boldness is not enough when you can’t speak for the person in public. I was beginning to admire Bobrisky’s courage to get himself involved in this type of controversy – a situation where most Nigerians won’t be proud off.

“When I watched his interview conducted by one of the trusted Nigerian entertainment platform, Thenetng, what I saw was ‘beautifully repulsive’.’

“Without bias or being stereotype, Bobrisky is good-looking and brave, however, bluntly, he’s a dullard aided by a boring interviewer who’s obviously starting to learn the tactics of questioning a controversial persona. Adedayo Showemimo would have anchored the interview better and make Bobrisky vomit all he’s hiding being a mediocre.’

“Having a controversial personality automatically brings your intelligence into play. Social media is a world with so many sycophants, flooding your account(s) with series of comments, so you can appreciate them and their efforts in reaching out to you.’

“I’m happy Bobrisky is doing well with his cream business (a business I consider to be cover up for what’s really fetching him money) and I’m looking forward to seeing the male version of Dencia (Dencia isn’t doing females though) if he can be innovative enough to bring his standard to a world-class level like the Whitenicious CEO.

“There’s neither personal beef nor hatred for Bobrisky; we want a Barbie who’s intelligent, bold, not only in showing the world how some creams are tentatively perfecting his skin from ‘charcoal to orange’, but outspoken and knowledgeable.’

“Practically, we all know your bae is a married man and ‘we accept you’re not gay’. We don’t care about who the bae sponsoring you is, but we care to know your stand as a barbie. Are you just doing this to pass time and keep users busy on social media or you are doing this to promote your personality/business? What exactly do you stand for?

“Bobrisky, before you give me another low-class response out of confusion like you did in your net interview, do some thinking within yourself to be sure you are speaking from the right frame of mind.”

Watch Bobrisky talk: