SIMI: 7 Things That Will Interest You About The Amazing Singer


Beautiful and petite Nigerian singer, songwriter and sound engineer, Simi, marked her birthday on April 19th. The talented singer, who is signed to X3M Music label, is known for her hit songs “Soldier” and “Jamb Question,” both featuring Nigerian singer, actor and comic act, Falz. Simi is a fabulous singer and captivating performer, whose subtle voice usually lingers in the head of listeners long after the sound is gone. Her latest song, ‘Love Don’t Care,’ made lots of downloads/airplay and also triggered fans to share their own love stories on social media.

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Everyone loves Simi, due to a whole lot of fantastic things about her. Interestingly, the petite singer has not been around the music scene for so long, but has almost 200, 000 likes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter put together. Due to the massive love people have for her, we decided to highlight seven amazing features about the songbird that would interest you.


1. Her Voice

Unarguably, Simi has the softest voice among the top reigning female singers in Nigeria. Her very tiny but clear voice is so easy to distinguish. Like a trademark, her voice can not go unrecognized on radio. Unlike Beyonce and some other singers, who’s soft singing voice is actually deeper when they talk, Simi’s singing voice is the same as her talking voice. Her child-like textured voice makes her even more adorable and interesting to have a conversation with.

2. Her Songs

The likes of the above-mentioned songs are simple evidence that Simi’s song are unique and capable of standing the test of time. Her lyrics are thoughtfully written and the productions usually matches her genre and voice. You can double-check this facts with some of her singles like“E No Go Funny,” “Open and Close,” “Are You Ready to Fly?,” “Changing My World” and “I Do” among others.

3. Her Size

They say big things usually come in small packs and that goes for Simi. Her petite stature, height and the matching voice makes her an object to fall in love with. Her age, which is not reflected on her physic, does not really matter, as see looks and sounds like a child – which is very cute if you ask me.

4. Her Fashion Sense


Simi understands fashion and knows what would best suit her size. She loves wearing above-the-knee apparel – gowns, bums, etc. However, when she rocks jeans trousers, she does it so well and does not forget to add her scarf to compliment her usually short fringy hair.

5. Laughter

Simi loves to smile and laugh a lot – one you won’t forget in a hurry. Listening to her laughter can be as addictive as doing same to her songs – her laughter can stay imprinted in your subconscious for a while.

6. Her Playful Nature

The talented singer has a playful disposition. People who follow her on social networks can tell from her videos and pictures that she is simple and loves to play and create fun for herself. She is known on Instagram (@symplysimi) for sharing videos of herself either singing or smiling and saying nothing.

7. Her Relationship

Simi and Adekunle Gold

Simi and the Orente Singer, Adekunle Gold, are best of friends. They have posted several pictures of themselves that suggests an intimate relationship. However, both the X3M Music label artist and the YBNL signed artiste are yet to confirm or explain to curious fans what they are doing.

According to Adekunle, Simi is responsible for the arrangement and mixing of Orente and a couple of other songs he would be releasing soon. That said, it does not really matter whether these colleagues are dating or not? Nonetheless, Simi is one hot lady most men would want to have for keeps.

Watch Simi’s Video, Jamb Question Ft Falz

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