Top 15 Nigerian Songs Recommended For You

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Nigerian Music has come of age a lot of people can’t resist dancing to the tempting tune of Nigerian music. It is not only limited to the boundaries of this West African country. More than ever before, people from all walks of life are embracing Nigerian music and songs. 2013 particularly has seen the release of ear-friendly and exceptional Nigerian songs. If you have a soft spot for Nigerian music, then

Here are the Top 15 Nigerian Songs Recommended for You.

1. VIP – IcePrince.

There is no denying that IcePrince is one of the best rappers Nigeria has ever produced. He has nailed this wonderful song with some outstanding nice flows. This is one of the best songs ever done by this talented musician and there is no denying. He tells of how he gets VIP treatment everywhere he goes. So, if you fancy rap music the Nigerian way, this is one song you must listen to.